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What Can You Do With A Keyword Domain? Learn from Real Estate Facebook App

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Choosing the right keyword domain can help boost your rankings in the SERPs. Or can it? Since the Google Vince Update no matter how strong your domain name is you still have to compete with big brands. But in my opinion I have seen it still helps.

Types of keyword domains:

One word – www.shoes.com

Long tail – www.computersforsale.com

Geographical – www.usedcarsLondon.co.uk

ccTLDs – .co.uk, .de, .com.mx

lower quality domain names, sponsored domains; .mobi

So what can keyword domain be used for?

Ranking For It

Create a website.

Easier to rank because of keyword domain.

Gain traffic.

Make sure the content of the site is relevant to your keyword.

Blogging On It

This will gain long tail traffic.

Extra content helps your keyword/s ranking to grow in the SERPs. But the content should be in relevance to.

Make money through banner Ads after you start getting relevant traffic. Renting It

After the traffic increases and all your keywords are ranking well in the SERPs why not rent your domain name.

Examples of who succeeded:

Gary Kremen owned sex.com his weekly earnings was $500,000.

Rick Schwartz – invested $1,800 to buy domain names and now earns $20million.

Auctioning It (Selling it)

If you do not want to rent your domain and wish to sell it for a bigger profit then auction the domain name.

Examples of who succeeded:

Dave Wrixon sold Tokyo.net for $10,000 just 6 months after acquiring it for $7.

Frank Schilling – his portfolio of domains is estimated to be around $500 million.

Closely Related Affiliate Product

If none of the above interests you then you can easily use is it as an affiliate project. You can easily pull the closely related product/s by using affiliate tools such as skimlink.com.

How does it work?

Helps to create content with links to products and services

Visitors to your site click on a merchant’s link

Skim links turn it into an affiliate lin

You earn commission if user purchases a product

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