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Someone please help me. I knew it would take photographs in lousy quality, blurred, out of focus, wrong colors etc,, that’s what I wanted. File attachment is optional. Otherwise, completely remove the bad drivers and then run the setup program in the 2. Can I download a good driver. File attachment is optional. In the other thread on this camera some savvy kid has placed a link for a driver download and this driver works.

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Vivitar Mini Digital Camera

Can I download a good driver. Otherwise, completely remove the vivitar mini camera drivers and then run the setup program in the 2.

File attachment is vivitae.

This caused all the photo’s to be lost. Bobbie Hollis Fri, 15 May Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to get the pics out of the camera. I knew it would take photographs in vivitar mini camera quality, blurred, out of focus, wrong colors etc, that’s what I wanted.

Like I said, these pictures are on a par with cell phone pics, but you get 60 of reasonable clarity, 20 of good quality, and vivitar mini camera tiny ones.


Join in the discussions to find out more about this little technological wonder.

Vivitar Mini Digital Camera Specifications

Pics are tiny but fun. I long for a flash when I use it. I too had a problem downloading the software until I realized that certain environments like public libraries, cyber-cafes etc. Until the images are actually downloaded to your PC, viviyar sure battery life is still sufficient to ensure proper functioning of the camera. Meg Wed, 09 Jul vivitar mini camera Is this the right CD?

I have a vivitar mini digital camera but i dont have the installation software cd. Let it stop vivitar mini camera the 30 seconds.

Wath a peace of SHIT this is No wonder they were giving this piece of shit so called camera away. What is the cd called anyways? I can’t even get the Vivitar mini camera to install on my computer Gave it to my 4yr old grandson and re-worked the results in PSP.

But it wont work. Articles Forums Latest Search Wiki.

Did your message disappear? Has anyone else had this problem and what did you vivitar mini camera to solve it? I called California based company, they vivitar mini camera sent me new CD today. Never had a digital camera before. TrackBack can be used to link this thread to your weblog, or link your weblog to this thread. However, I think the quality of my cellphone camera is better than this so while this is fun, I won’t buy another.


If I cameraa Tom Cruise flip his lid and start foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog I can snap some pics and sell them to the National Camefa and pay off my mortgage.

I wish this camera had more memory or the capability of adding an external HD via the USB port vivitar mini camera for extended use. Its just so cute!!!!!!!!!! Hi, just bought one of these little keychain cameras too from Mii. Cherri Fri, 24 Jul My computer crased and i lost everything in it including the software already installed.