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Wed Sep 24, 3: So basically it’s not quite as good as the Nforce2 and the onboard video is a lot worse than the nForce IGP on-board video, but still not terrible. Tue Sep 23, 2: That’s as far as it goes. The front bezel has a tendency to fall off. Chiddler Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: It’s a fair ammount less than an simlar nForce2 setup.

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I just got this board today, and at first i had a hell via unichrome km400 a problem getting the onboard audio to work right. That’s as far as it goes. My cousin uses it at college and she loves it because it looks unichromr.

VGA Legacy MKIII – VIA KM (UniChrome)

Chiddler Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: It looks like InWin offer a couple of nice options, the L and V series seem to fit the bill in terms of features, looks and price, but this is getting km40 topic. Well what is the via unichrome km400 usage? I don’t know if it is quality or not, it runs hot but the system is via unichrome km400 so voltages must be within limits.

The onboard video is usable for 2D applications. It also plays gta3 but there were freezes.


Via Announces PM400 Athlon Chipset

Originally posted by Chiddler: Bundled 60mm fans don’t really move much air. So has anyone seen a KM review or specific benchmarks? Feb 12, Posts: It’s only a few months old at this point. Via unichrome km400 Guidelines Contact Moderators.

Dec 5, Posts: I used one of those and wasn’t too fond of it. The black v inwins from newegg breathe well, and come with entirely decent w psu’s- not quite via unichrome km400 small as the athenatech, but more adaptable, well built So it is likely the media I am using no speed rating on it either.

Thu Sep 25, 9: I had to add wire. It is stable though.

Is the Via KM chipset any good? and how about it’s onboard video? – Ars Technica OpenForum

via unichrome km400 I burn coasters fairly often at 40x using cheap ass Imation media that my wife got for free for buying a computer desk CD spindle. If the onboard video is insufficient, you could always via unichrome km400 in a videocard. But the front panel wirings and the cheap ass bezel attachment system are things that seriously detract from this particular case.

General stuff, web browsing and light coding, email, text editing, listeing to online radio, maybe play the odd DVD at a later date, the usual, plus some gaming, nothing too intensive, but maybe Q3, DS, D2, AA? Via unichrome km400 Sep 24, 6: I helped a friend build a machine just a few weeks ago with the asus board.


It’s a fair ammount less than an simlar nForce2 setup. Thu Sep 25, Tue Sep 23, 9: So, has anyone seen any reviews on these boards or this unichrom, I can’t seem to find anything anywhere.

It will be hotter than hell in that case. It is just via unichrome km400 plastic plugs, which didn’t hold very well for me. Having said that I’m looking at the following from NewEgg: The km board that I used has been very stable and works very well.

Thanks C64, I’m now unsure if that’s good to know via unichrome km400 saddening as I’d only really seen nice reviews of this case before, now I’ll have to iva a little more about case options.