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Is there a special tool to remove these? Anyway, I inserted it while it was unlocked and then locked it up and it stayed in there tight and is working perfectly now. I forgot to circle one screw which is located on the right side from the touch pad cable. I believe you can install 1GB total. When I insert a fully charged battery it works fine, but when i insert the ac adapter it does not charge.

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Like a dummy I was trying vgn-s360 insert the keyboard cable while it was in vgn-s360p locked position. Not impressed at vgn-s360p.

Any help would be appreciated. I bought my laptop vgn-s360p month vgn-s360p, and no it is not new, i bought it used so there is no warranty. But all the pics show a jack with center hole. I did it successfully.

If all else fails, can you recommend vgn-s360pp online or retail shop that sells new top covers? Do I really vgn-s360p to replace the entire palm rest?

If the AC adapter works vgn-s360p but the laptop appears to be dead, most likely this is motherboard failure. Kumar needs to replace the DC power jack connection…ebay has some of the cheapest vgn-s360p for this solution. I was hoping to find something cheaper Thanks again! The problem vgn-s360p that it does not charge the battery.


I dismantle the vgn-s360p and the quick connector for the keyboard is not locked in place. I put the laptop back together and it does vgn-s360p turn on anymore.

You can replace the whole harness power jack and cable without soldering if you can find the harness. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to vgn-s360p content vgn-s360p this site and keep it up and running.

I went vgn-s360p and tried to buy a power jack. Also, there are 5 screws vvgn-s360p the top assembly, not vgn-s360p. I believe you can install 1GB total.

Does anyone know vgn-s360p this goes to? But the jack on my laptop vgn-s360p like it has 2 pins sticking out in stead of center hole.

Sony VGNS360P VAIO S360P Notebook Specs and Details

But now my keyboard is unresponsive, as in certain vgn-s360p do not work all the time. Do you have to solder it, or can you just buy a jack with wires and plug it into the motherboard. First of all, thanks for the response. Is there a special tool to remove these? When we had a vgn-s360p outage from the tornato I vgn-s360p my vgn-s360p into the car to charge it and I think I mayhave blown the Internal battery.


I have a few minor corrections to the instructions for new readers: Gerry, A parts dealer tells me I need to replace the entire palm rest in vgn-s630p to fix the left click problem….

Sony VAIO VGN-SP laptop (Make an offer!) | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Now you vgn-s360p access the cable connector. Im guessing I have vbn-s360p take vgn-s360p whole motherboard out in that case to change the fan? Anyone have any ideas on what could have happened?

This is not familiar model. Eddie, Is the fan screwed in from vgn-s360p bottom side of the motherboard? Problem remains when I put the old drive back just in case anyone was wondering. I went through 6 operators vgn-s360p any solution.