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Logger Pro Software Features: Press the Quick Setup button to recognise auto-ID sensors. Take samples from once per day or up to 50, readings per second. Software cannot calculate resistance or power data. Ordering Information This product is discontinued. Technical Specifications Maximum sampling rate:

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Compatible with over 70 Vernier sensors Six vernier labpro channels allow you to use multiple sensors at once Samples up to 50, readings per second Analog output for controlling electrical devices, such as DC motors, fans, LEDs, and more for engineering projects. Technical Specifications Maximum vernier labpro rate: Ordering Information This product is discontinued.

This product is discontinued. Logger Pro Logger Lite. Vernier labpro products are designed for vernier labpro use. Older models of the sensor are fully supported. To play this video, please upgrade your web browser. Software does not support baseline adjustment. They are not appropriate for veriner, medical or commercial applications.

LabPro is a versatile sensor interface for calculator and computer data vernier labpro. If your school has more TI graphing calculators than computers, the LabPro is an affordable way to add data-collection to science experiments. vernier labpro


Use with the included mains adaptor or 4 AA batteries which are not included. Recommended for College, High School, and K—8. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or vernier labpro applications.

TCAR3 use a calibration type vernier labpro supported with this software. DataMate does not support this sensor.

Can store 12, data points internally. Wholesale Scientific Equipment Suppliers Log vernier labpro. EasyData and DataMate do not support this vernier labpro.

The DataMate program is stored in LabPro, easy operation – one button push transfers the program to your calculator. Sensor does not auto-ID; manual setup is required. The Vernier LabPro offers the most versatility in collecting data vernier labpro Lavpro sensors. Vernier LabPro System includes: The LabPro can run off of 4 AA batteries or a wall socket.

Take samples from once per day or up to 50, readings per second.

Vernier Sensor and Interface Compatibility Information: Vernier and Kidwind vernier labpro are designed for educational use. No software update is planned.


Vernier LabPro System – Scientrific Pty Ltd

Currently shipping Thermocouples Model: Texas Instruments Calculators Vernier labpro includes built-in DataMate data-collection calculator software and compatible with the following graphing calculators: Logger Pro Software Features: As a Stand-Alone Data Logger In remote mode, you can take LabPro to an amusement park and collect data without a computer or handheld vernier labpro.

Computers Use Vernier’s award-winning Logger Pro vernier labpro sold separately ,abpro collect data in real time, graph, analyse, and print. Six verniwr channels including: You can use LabPro with a compatible Texas Instruments graphing calculatorwith a computer and Logger Pro software, or on its own as a remote data collector. Press the Quick Setup button to recognise auto-ID sensors.