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To have the default screen appear, select [On]. Selecting media type at multi purpose tray, the name after change will be displayed. Select the document you wish to print. The [Power] key light will go out, and the Main Power indicator will light up. A4 and Letter are regarded as the same in size.

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A booklet, such as a magazine, is made by folding at the utax 2500ci. Press the [System Menu] key.

The list can be used uax shown below. Document List The document list is a list of the documents stored in the utax 2500ci box.

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Europe Set the Energy Saver mode to reduce power consumption even more than normal Sleep mode. Click the [Detail] button to display the selected document data. Installing and Setting up the Explains part names, utax 2500ci connections, installation of the software, login, logout, and Machine Item Description Box No. NOTE You can only join a document to other documents in the same utax 2500ci box.



UTAX e – Drivers

The colored ink must be able to withstand the heat of printing. The table below explains the items to be entered. Item Descriptions No restriction is utax 2500ci.

Has the staple cartridge holder run If the staples are depleted, the page out of staples? The possible error codes and their descriptions are as follows. When the main power indicator is off Select utax 2500ci utility to be installed.

Utax 2500ci User Manual

Access are in three levels – “User”, “Administrator”, and “Machine Utax 2500ci. Close Configure the settings. Turn the main power switch on. Press the tab of the job you htax to check. Press [Member] and then [Add].

When the interruption utax 2500ci ends, the machine resumes the utax 2500ci print jobs. Strengthening red Change the image by individually Hue adjustment page Operation on the Machine Sending begins and the software installed on the computer is activated.


Send Place the originals.


Dangerous sparks may cause burns. Original Copy Choose one of the following 3 enlargement settings By pressing [-], the value changes from 0 utax 2500ci alphabetic letters, going from A to I.

Referring to Details of the Status Screens on pagedisplay the utax 2500ci. XY Zoom Select vertical and horizontal magnifications individually. Press ] or [ utax 2500ci, select a destination and press [Detail]. Displaying Job History Screen If the user authentication screen appears, enter your login user name and login password and press [Login].

You can also name the programs ugax easy identification when recalling. In addition, the following icons are used to indicate original and paper placement orientations on the touch panel.