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Another control button for games! This field is required. It’s nice quality for the price. The pedal also needs a pressure of about a kilogram to press it, so it’s not what you’d call a hair trigger. An inconspicuous boss button!

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The three pedal one can be set for whatever independently for each of the three. Key code selection is done with 16 internal dip switches see Picture.

Or the pedal can just act as a Windows key, which could be handy if, like foktswitch, you insist on using giant antique keyboards that don’t have a Windows key. Just have to run the setup software in Windows and the settings stay usb footswitch fs1 p. Switch to Hybrid Mode.

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Was not solvable under linux? Okiwana Okimoto san, do you have a software like this? Summary Customer Reviews Customer Questions Usb footswitch fs1 p simple foot pedal, imported from China and very cost-effective, is the perfect accessory for the speech recognition user, gamer, or other computer user who needs to emulate a key or key combination with a press of your foot.

Anyway, I’d still consider this an overall success because the software isn’t needed other than to set the pedal, so for some purposes where you know what you want like being a down arrow for turning pages in usb footswitch fs1 p PDFthis can be usb footswitch fs1 p once and then considered a non-editable hardware… You could bring it once to a friend who has Windows, set it, and that’s that.

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I just want to be able to choose what key it enters.

FS1-P USB Foot Pedal

Because I would like to set different keys for different games Every time I load the profile usb footswitch fs1 p open the game Just like my Logitech G keyboard and Naga mouse, it can footswwitch usb footswitch fs1 p key-setting profiles for footswltch applications, it loads automatically. Description The USB foot switch can be used to control your computer by foot. You can also bind the left or right mouse button to the pedal, but not both buttons, or the middle button.

For this price, it’s hard not to recommend this gizmo even if you’re not totally sure you need it.

This metal one and this plastic one just give you three plain mechanical microswitch pedals, with no computer usb footswitch fs1 p included; this and this are the single-pedal versions of that idea.

The Single Press and Long Press options don’t seem to have any effect on the foostwitch settings; the pedal just seems to work exactly like either of those buttons. AutoHotkey can do anything. They make 2 and single pedal versions too.

I can supply an exe for AMD64 if someone wants it. So, if you just want one more control button in a game, all you have to do is bind something to “b”, and you’re done.

OKI san, Sorry about that. Usb footswitch fs1 p pedal I bought came with a mini-CD containing version 4. If your pedal goes bananas, there may be a dust bunny in the sensor gap. Okiwana Okimoto san, Recently I have problem with the software.


USB Footswitch software not working (SOLVED) – DealExtreme Forum

Foptswitch Dan some money! Here’s a link to the product page: I really love the foot-switch. But, at least, now we know. By default, this single pedal types a “b” when you press it. They helpfully closed their store.

USB foot switch FS1-P USB foot switch control computer with feet MOQ=1 free shipping

But it works well enough. You might be able to wire a couple footswitxh switches onto it, or replace the optical sensor with a mechanical switch, but I’m not sure. And I haven’t tested this, but I’d bet a small amount of money that you can use usb footswitch fs1 p of these pedals, or of the fancier three-pedal versions, at the same time. This explains why the pedal doesn’t click. PCsensor sell direct as well, via one of those charmingly hand-crafted e-commerce sites that makes you wonder if you’d be better off just handing some cash to a stranger.

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