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It is very easy to overdo all this and end up with a less than great tone! I find my Blues Driver has tons more gain than the TS. I’m not a big fan of distortion pedals, personally. I find the tube screamer gives you that over the top kinda drive with lots of break up and that the Blues Driver is more of a clean boost thats more sparkle. If you want an edgier overdrive tone, with the ability to crank up the gain and get some distortion tones as well, go with the Blues Driver; it does a good job as clean boost too. Nov 15, That, and it doesn’t have the big midrange “hump” that is the defining characteristic of the tubescreamer.

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I probably need to get a stand to get the amp up off of the floor so that I don’t mind fiddling with the buttons so much 2 failed back surgeries. Also, not sure if you yankees can get em, but there’s a company in Nova Scotia called Diamond that makes my all time fave overdrive, the Bles Tube screamer vs blues again, pedals try to simulate this sound.

The boost modes adds some bass. Play both of them again and then pick the one that fits your personal style best.


Apr 6, 3. At 9VDC, it’s a different animal. Thank S-Armadillo, I appreciate the advice.

Tube Screamer Vs. Blues Driver: guitargeek

ZmanApr 4, Bond with your new amp. Chiogtr4xApr 6, This thread is a little like a tube screamer vs blues Strings or Motor Oil is your fav. I’m looking for a little more overdrive for better sustain than what the FAT channel can provide.

RawjerLeeApr 6, If your amp isn’t giving you the tone that you need, then you’d just be adding more junk into the mix with a pedal, and I don’t care who makes it.


Tube Screamer Vs. Blues Driver

The TS-9 tube screamer vs blues a smoother sounding overdrive, and more of a mid range boost to my ears than the blues driver does.

Ibaneze claims it’s an identical twin, but many players disagree and lots of them are modded to improve them. Very little in fact.

I watch a lot of probably too many gear review videos on YouTube which is a good way to get a general idea of how a piece of gear tube screamer vs blues, although some reviewers are definitely better than others in terms of review method and equipment used to create the review.

Do you already have an account? The biggest feature of it was the massive ‘noise’ it put into my system. Sep 5, 9. I love mine at lower Gain- it is a dynamic pedal,IMO. I like to change tube screamer vs blues cheap little caps to electrolytics to make them more transparent and lower the value of the tone stack resistors to 2.


It never really made me go, “Wow, I need this at home”.

I used this setup with a blackface ’64 Super Reverb, and the tone was heavenly. Sample Magic Boost Z. They are totally different but you can’t really go wrong with either. This is without a doubt. Distortion pedals have a place in the toolbox as far as options when dealing with a loud, clean amp. If we’re talking about sustain, then once again, we’re tube screamer vs blues to the same point.

blues driver vs. tube screamer

I prefer the sound of my blues junior as it isstraight inno pedals. Continued use of Gearslutz. No, create an account now. Tube Screamer or Blues Driver? Thank you very tube screamer vs blues for the advice.

Just another flavor of fizzy, buzzy, mosquito sounding square wave clipping diode distortion.