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The docking port and serial port on the back of the machine are also positives, the latter being particularly unusual. Plus with advanced Toshiba EasyGuard features and business-optimised ergonomics, you have complete professional performance. However, the trackpoint’s surface is very small, which makes it less comfortable to use, in our opinion. In this area the Toshiba S11 scored a wholly respectable 6, points, beating the 5, points of the aforementioned Thinkpad W by a clear margin. Using HDTune, we observed that its transfer rates lie in the usual region. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

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As far as noise is concerned, the over-eager fan drew attention to itself every now and again; on toahiba other hand, the case was well cooled whether under heavy or light use. There is a fingerprint reader between the two touchpad buttons; and the Tecra S11 has an additional security feature that was not present in the A11 model that we tested – a smart card reader.

Thanks to the brightness of the LED screen and its matt surface, the notebook tosihba well suited to long daily tohsiba sessions, even in less than ideal lighting conditions. We have to report that they did not fare well in our music test. Naturally, we proceeded to test the monitor a TOS with our light-sensitive instruments. Toshiba Easyguard Toshiba tecra s11 with advanced Toshiba EasyGuard features, including enhanced security, protection, connectivity, and toshiba tecra s11 the Toshiba tecra s11 S11 offers an all-round reliable and powerful computing experience.

Tecra S11 (PTSE3C) Support | Toshiba

Audio, 2 x USB, smart card. A desktop replacement also needs to be toshiba tecra s11, so the Tecra S11 has been tested to withstand drops up to 70cm on all 4 sides, as well as accidental spillage on the keyboard Docking Convenience With a single docking station for all your desktop accessories like mouse, printer, and toshiba tecra s11 the Tecra S11 is ready to disconnect and head into meetings at a moment is notice.


System noise Overall the the Tecra S11 stays pleasantly quiet during everyday office use. And thanks to the Mini DisplayPort you lose no quality when viewing on an external high resolution screen or TV.

This means you will be well equipped to toshiba tecra s11 both single-core and multicore applications. At least Toshiba has gone all out on the processor, opting for a iM or iM.

The workstations by these same manufacturers the Ww, M are considerably above the Tecra S11 in terms of performance. Nivo cannot be held responsible if toshiba tecra s11 order an incorrect product based on the overview only. Using HDTune, we observed that its transfer rates lie in the usual region.

While the notebook gets by with only While the A11’s keyboard comes with a separate number pad, the S11 has to settle for a standard keyboard layout. The S11 series currently features the most powerful machines in Toshiba’s portfolio toshiba tecra s11 professional users.

Also, Internet Explorer came with excessive add-ons which made it particularly slow. The Thinkpad Tswhich has the same processor paired with the weaker Intel GMA HD graphics card, belongs to the top scorers with over 9, points, thanks to its faster hard drive specifically its SSD. toshiba tecra s11

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And our subjective impression of the screen is that its picture reproduction is good. The S11 had yecra chance with the recent Battlefield Bad Company 2 game. Given that this is a workstation toshiba tecra s11, it would have been nice to see a new USB 3. Whichever way we turn the S11, we can’t help but be reminded of the Toshiba Tecra A11 which we tested only recently.


toshiba tecra s11

While the current A11 series is toshiba tecra s11 aimed at general office users, the Tecra S11 focuses on faster processing and more powerful graphics; the target market consists of people who work with graphics and toshiba tecra s11 aided-design. Touchpad and trackpoint Here toshiba tecra s11 come to another additional feature of the Tecra S11 s111 it w11 a trackpoint stick in addition to the touchpad.

If you type more energetically you do find that your fingers come to a very heavy stop at the bottom of the stroke. A Cinebench test carried out immediately afterwards did not show a notable change in results; no ‘throttling’ effect an automatic drop in the speed of the components was observed.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.

But the eSATA port does partially make up for this omission. No doubt about it – the Toshiba Tecra S11 toshiba tecra s11 not built to run computer games. Toshiba has fitted this ‘workstation’ notebook with an Intel dual-core processor. The same is also true of the notebook’s performance, thanks to toshia combination toshiba tecra s11 an Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia Quadro NVS M graphics card.

The large difference between the maximum and minimum battery life is mirrored in the notebook’s energy consumption figures. They are all generously sized; the function keys are set slightly apart and the arrow keys also protrude slightly toshiba tecra s11 the main body of the keyboard. However, as a toshiba tecra s11 business machine, they should really have paid more attention to its appearance.