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But this has to do with the firm mounting of the keyboard within the base unit, which has the benefit that the keyboard barely flexes at all. Please note that we take the product overview from the manufacturers site and it is only a guideline. We have to report that they did not fare well in our music test. Thanks to the brightness of the LED screen and its matt surface, the notebook is well suited to long daily work sessions, even in less than ideal lighting conditions. However, we then spotted a fundamental difference between the A11 all-rounder and the S11 workstation – the keyboard.

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Reliably Productive The Tecra S11 keeps pace with the most demanding professionals, thanks to ultra-fast, ultra-stable performance powered by Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

Review Toshiba Tecra S11-11H Notebook

No doubt about it – the Toshiba tecra s11 Tecra S11 was not built to run computer tosniba. If you type more toshiba tecra s11 you do find that your fingers come to a very heavy stop at the bottom of the stroke. Ttecra you subject the notebook to heavy stress, the sound profile of the Tecra S11 quickly changes. In our opinion this difference is rather hard to justify, given that the target market is people working in graphics and CAD.

A Cinebench test carried out immediately afterwards did not show a notable change in results; no ‘throttling’ effect an automatic drop in the speed of toshiba tecra s11 components was observed. While the notebook gets by with only The machine’s internal temperature also remained within reasonable bounds. The Tecra S11 is intended tecfa be a workstation computer, according to Toshiba. A desktop replacement also needs toshiba tecra s11 be tough, so the Tecra S11 has been tested to withstand drops up to 70cm toshiba tecra s11 all 4 sides, as well as accidental spillage on the keyboard Docking Convenience With a single docking station for all your desktop accessories like ttecra, printer, and monitor the Tecra S11 is ready to disconnect a11 head into meetings at a moment is notice.


Please, switch off toshiba tecra s11 blockers. How confidently Toshiba has labelled the Tecra S11 as a mobile workstation. It seems that the S11 does not differ from the A11 in terms of communications hardware either. While the current A11 series is largely aimed at general office users, the Tecra S11 focuses on faster processing and more powerful graphics; the target market consists toshiba tecra s11 people who work with graphics and computer tecrz.

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Toshiba Tecra SLW Specs – CNET

More on this in tecrx section on input devices. Loudspeakers The Tecra S11 has two toshiba tecra s11, positioned on the front edge of the toshiba tecra s11 in each corner. With a battery life of around three hours during wireless web surfing, the Tecra S11 can definitely be used on the go; the matt display and good screen brightness are also a help here.

Commendably, the palm rest was one of the coolest areas s1 the notebook. The Tecra S11 has two speakers, positioned on the front edge of the tecrw in each corner. But despite this, the hardware does permit some limited enjoyment of modern games. It would also be possible to use it outdoors, although the screen would certainly toshiba tecra s11 from being a bit brighter, particularly in direct sunshine. But it is questionable whether its Nvidia Quadro NVS M graphics card will satisfy the performance-orientated user.

toshiba tecra s11

While the A11’s keyboard comes with a separate number pad, the S11 has to settle for a standard keyboard layout. The sleek but robust casing remains the same, along toshiba tecra s11 the range of ports. Admittedly you can always hear the fan running, tcera with a volume level toshiba tecra s11 The maximum was minutes over four hours in the Battery Eater Readers test minimum screen brightness, energy-saving profile enabled, WLAN disabled.


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The screen is not only superior to the A11 in terms of resolution; its contrast terca is also significantly improved. For light graphics work, the Tecra S11 is toshiba tecra s11 adequate; and its excellent result in the PCMark Vantage benchmark confirms toshiba tecra s11 the system does perform well as a whole. Now we come to one of the first ways in which the Toshiba Tecra S11 is significantly different from its colleague the A11 tera the keyboard. Overall we prefer the Toshiba Tecra S11 toshiba tecra s11 its weedier brother the A Even on the lowest detail setting the notebook chugged along at 26 fps, below the 30 fps threshold.

There is a fingerprint reader between the two touchpad buttons; and the Tecra S11 has an additional security feature that was not present in the A11 model that we tested – a smart card reader.

This appeared to originate from the general area of the fan but we were toshiba tecra s11 able to pin it down exactly. At toshiba tecra s11 Toshiba has gone all out on the processor, opting for a iM or iM. However the battery life during DVD playback was less impressive, at minutes. The Toshiba Tecra S11’s screen e11 an improvement in several ways.