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This is common among manufacturers, but most first time users do not know this. Most users will want to erase most of this before continuing. Main Battery — approximately 4. With the Pentium M, it is all about power with decent battery life. Up to 3 hours 46 minutes measured by.

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Visit our network of sites: This is common among manufacturers, but most first time users do not know this. It is not controlled by the function keys, a welcome departure from some toshiba tecra a3 manufacturers.

Don’t have an account? If you already have a license for Office SB, then you can enter it into the activation screen. Toshiba Tecra A3 front view view larger image.

Toshiba Tecra A3 Review (pics, specs)

By default, though, the wireless card is turned off upon shipping. The keyboard feel is poor for a business system. It automatically tecar to multiple networks toshiba tecra a3 allows for greater security features, although SP2 has brought Home pretty much up to spec in this regard.

The fans are a pleasant surprise, however, as they make very little noise, toshiba tecra a3 are barely noticeable when they do switch on.

WMP 10 takes up to one minute to open. It is not so easy to replace a motherboard and CPU, if at all possible. Internal Hardware The list of internal hardware features that are available toshiba tecra a3 impressive in some ways, and quite unimpressive in others.


For most on top of the lap uses, this machine will satisfy. This version of XP is toshiba tecra a3 with SP2 as well. This helps to cover up some of the weaknesses of the actual controller itself.

Left side of Toshiba Tecra A3 with drive open view larger image. Opening toshiba tecra a3 graphics-intensive software, however, will cause switching back and forth between programs to bog down the system, and the toehiba window toshiba tecra a3 be slow to activate.

Compared to other PM computers, this notebook does multitask slightly quicker, but the differences will be negligible to most users. Windows wireless connection icons are mixed with Toshiba connection icons.

Tecra A3 Support | Toshiba

While there is no danger of overheating, the bottom does get hot to the toshiba tecra a3 after a few hours of toshbia. Toshiba tecra a3 buttons carry a very light plastic feel to them, the space button is relatively unresponsive, and the sound when depressed is not very firm. You get the new chipset and CPU, and you can always upgrade the memory and hard drive.

Most tecrx these issues can be attributed to the slow hard drive and the RAM. While Pentium 4s NetBurst have been throttled toshiba tecra a3 a MHz FSB as it turns out, it is necessary to make up for the 31 stage pipelinePentium Ms have languished at nearly a quarter of the speed.


Multitasking is another area where this system does not excel. It probably loosens over time, but, brand new, you will have to push relatively strongly. The first and largest button is the power button, which is framed toshiba tecra a3 a matrix green.

To purchase a new battery pack, see the accessories information that shipped with your computer or visit the Toshiba web site at http: Except for the top cover of the display and the touchpad buttons, which are silver, the entire system toshiba tecra a3 black.

For example, this system toshiba tecra a3 the newest CPU and chipset available in the current notebook market, the aforementioned Alviso and Intel Pentium M Remember to turn it on before proceeding with your setup. This is not the best idea s3 you are trying to balance it on your lap.

In terms of actual use, they are placed relatively close together, and one will toshiba tecra a3 not be able to place more than 2 devices into the ports without running out of space. Don’t show me this message again. The chipset also includes a different integrated graphics controller.