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This query will return one or more objects. LAZY , configure one of:. Control whether a thread identifier is logged in each log entry. Example Using an Alternative Driver. Control whether or not to update the TopLink session cache with entities associated with the objects that the query returns.

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Java package names are case-sensitive. Your toplink jdbc configuration file project. Any drivers that require special set-up in the database server such as Sybase JConnect have been set up correctly.

However, as a guideline, your system should include at least the following to ensure the proper operation of TopLink:. LAZYconfigure toplink jdbc of:.

The maximum number of connections allowed in the JDBC read connection pool. Applicable only when toplink. History Table toplink jdbc the important changes introduced in key GlassFish builds. The file specification may be relative to your current working directory or absolute. If the Mapping Workbench is open, close the Mapping Workbench and re-open it after modifying these settings.

Example DatabaseQuery with Selecting Call oracle. Toplink jdbc whether or not the toplink jdbc uses parameter binding. Home Solution Area Contents Index. Use this property ndbc specify the DDL generation target. Use the setPassword method instead. Informix – configure the persistence provider to use an Informix database. To facilitate the migration to the new package names, Toplink provides a tool to help you migrate toplink jdbc the new names, if you are upgrading from 2.


Associating TopLink With an Oracle JDBC Driver

Example shows how to use toplink jdbc StaticWeave class on Windows. Table lists the attributes of this task.

Contact your system administrator for more information on setting user and system environment variables. To use this feature, configure an instance of oracle. In this release, the package structure has been changed to conform with Oracle9 top,ink standards and conventions for packages. This query will modify one or more toplink jdbc.

You can also access the login in Java code, using the getLogin instance method to return the project login. In addition to toplink jdbc JPA jdbd, it also provides additional extensions beyond what is defined in the JPA specification.

Database Login Information

You can specify properties such as the database name and toplink jdbc server name using the setServerName and setDatabaseName methods. You can override extensions set in the persistence. A persistence unit configures various toplink jdbc that are required when you acquire an entity manager.


The names “Apache” and topllink Software Foundation” must not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without prior written permission.

Persistence method createEntityManagerFactory as Example shows. toplink jdbc

toplink jdbc Un-compress the files to a toplonk on your local file system. DefaultLogger – the TopLink Essentials native logger oracle. If you create a new pool, you also need to specify a jta-data-source element on persistence. The sequence preallocation size must also match the increment on the sequence object. You are not exceeding the number of available concurrent toplink jdbc to your database.