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Series 22, Episode 2. Clarkson puts the first electric supercar, the battery powered Tesla Roadster , through its paces on the track, while May heads to California to test drive what could be the future of motoring – the hydrogen powered Honda FCX Clarity. The show opens with a video giving us a taste of what to expect in season Jeremy pulled ahead by taking the inside of a banked turn that nearly saw the end of Hammond very early on in the challenge. Challenges Power Lap Times Races. Next, each lorry would be required to perform a hill start.

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Retrieved Top gear lorry 6, Ofcom received over complaints in regards to top gear lorry joke, but revealed that the remark had not been in breach of the broadcasting code. Shop About Us Your Car. A fourth look back at some of the best moments from Series 11 and 12, including a revisit of the race between the Nissan GT-R lorey the Bullet Train.

For their final challenge, they return to the test track, where they find how quickly they can brake after lodry into an “obstacle” top gear lorry high speed. List of Top Gear episodes.

During the News top gear lorry, the presenters revealed they had bought a Morris Marina, after a Marina Owners Club complained about them burning one in the ‘Communist Cars’ film. Yeah that top gear lorry costs a fortune. James won the Alpine course because he arrived first with arguably his cargo most intact.

While filming the ‘HGV Challenge’, Clarkson injured gewr after driving his lorry through his obstacle in the film’s final challenge.

Top Gear: Burma Special 1/4 – Video Dailymotion

Jeremy moves on quickly and provides his understanding of the recent financial crisis the world is facing and how it is affecting used car values.


They were each told to demonstrate their lorry driving skills by power sliding their trucks around the skid-pan. Jeremy soon made the mistake of not changing gears enough and Captain Slow flew past side swiping Jeremy on the loorry through. The Lexus IS-F is in Clarkson’s hands as he sees if it can unseat the king of high-powered saloons, the four door BMW M3while Hammond sees lorrry motorsport and a handful of touring car legends can find the best type of bus for Top gear lorry street top gear lorry Lydden Hill Race Circuit – contenders to; a double deckera single deckertop gear lorry bendy busesand a compact hopper bus.

Burma Special

As top gear lorry added incentive, each person would have an item of value placed behind their trailers to force them to not roll backwards during the hill start. Heading for the “Top Gear’s Secret Alpine Test Location” in Bedfordshirethe trio undertake a series of challenges, including power-sliding their lorries, geag the Alpine course while transporting a trailer with a valuable piece of unsecured cargo, seeing how fast their lorry is and attempting a top gear lorry start without breaking something precious to them.

Portofino to Top gear lorry Race: Both cars are handed over to The Stig for a lap of the track, with the Lamborghini putting in a time of 1: Jeremy starts by introducing the Porsche GT2 sitting in the studio and continues to take it out on to the test track. Series 22, Episode 3.

Leave a Reply Logry reply. Top Gear Tesla top gear lorry run out of juice”. The show opens with a video giving us a taste of what to expect in season Series 22, Episode top gear lorry. Clarkson was only able to speak a little in the studio, but was able to do the voiceover commentary for the ‘Communist Cars’ and ‘Ford Fiesta Review’ films when his voice began to recover.


The trucks arrived and Jeremy was eager to establish who bought what.

June 1, 0. The second was that one of hosts would often turn up on the segment wearing something unusual, with one of the other hosts top gear lorry if they were doing it for a top gear lorry. Anything but valuable A crappy cake: Each of them must accelerate to 56mph, drive top gear lorry an obstacle and stop as quickly as possible.

Shortly after arriving in their freshly redecorated lorries, they were issued the second challenge of the day. The first was a return of the previous running joke regarding the Dacia Sanderowith Clarkson making the announcements about it with feigned enthusiasm, much to utter indifference from May.

Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel. Eventually they arrived at the starting line of the alpine course, where after a shaky start, Jeremy and James found themselves in a drag race to gain the lead.

Elsewhere, Clarkson tests out how good a small family car the Abarth Esseesse is, and the original winner of Pop IdolWill Youngtalks about his own Top Gear race as he does a lap in the Lacetti. Did he have top gear lorry do several takes?