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Top 3 Student Meals

Before I came to judi online I wasn’t much of a cook. I knew how to cook, but I didn’t really know any recipes for a decent meals, and so I was kinda stuck for a week or two when it came to cooking food. I found a love for Fray Bentos pies, which are pies that you cook from a tin and work out great as a meal. I mean you can just literally open them up, stick them in the oven and 20 minutes later you have yourself a meal with hardly any washing up and fuss, all for just over £1. But after a while things became pretty tiresome and I needed to find some ‘proper’ food to cook, instead of living on pies and whatever I could put on toast and eat.

Turns out that some decent meals really arent that hard to cook. Cooking rice and pasta is simple, and most of what I cook can be made with either of these and in around 20 minutes with minimum amounts of pots and pans to clean. I know a number of people that are still managing to live off ready meals and such, but these aren’t really sizeable enough for me and the half decent ones are expensive. Therefore being able to cook meals for myself is working out nicely. So here are my top 3 meals as a student…

1) Spaghetti Bolognese

This is so much easier to cook than I expected. I know how to make it using all the individual ingredients, like using the tin of tomatoes, onions, oregano and all that, but I find it much easier to just use a jar of Dolmio. I much prefer using Dolmio over Ragu because I find it tastes a little bit nicer, but I will use Ragu from time to time if its on offer like 2 for 1. I also use the pasta shells rather than spaghetti, as they’re easier to stab and pick up with a fork, instead of cutting and twiddling around like you have to with spaghetti. So maybe its more like ‘Conchiglie Bolognese’ rather than ‘Spaghetti Bolognese’.

2) Curry

This one isn’t specific, as I like all different types of curry. Again I don’t cook these from scratch because its so much easier to just throw the sauce on top of the chicken and cook away. I only really use chicken as the meat for my curries, as I hear its harder to cook curry with beef or lamb. I’m a big fan of chicken anyway so I’m pretty happy to stick with that. I usually opt for the ‘Pataks’ sauces range and go for either Korma or Jalfrezi. There are a number of other sauces to choose from that I might have from time to time, but these are my favourites for now.

3) Burgers

This one will probably change in the near future when I find something better to replace it with, but for the time being I am really enjoying the burgers, sometimes with chips or wedges. You can get really some decent size burgers from places like Lidl, and they are a decent price too so you can really get your money’s worth. The burgers have also got to be in buns, thats pretty much a neccesity as bun-less burgers really don’t cut the mustard. I usually have some relish to go with it, but if I haven’t got any then tomato sauce works out fine.

So thats my current top 3 meals at University. Looking at it I could probably be a lot more adventurous, but its only been 4 months so I’ve got plenty of time to try new things out. Also it probably could be a hell of a lot healthier, so maybe I should look to have something low in fat from time to time to balance things out a little. But anyways, there a little insight for you on my current eating habits. I’ll give it an update when I’m cooking real classy food like lasagne and all that. Let me know if you have found anything really easy to cook and tastes nice, I’m open to all suggestions.