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The Thrustmaster T RS is compatible with the following devices. When you slam down on the gas, you’re truly putting the pedal to the metal. Like any high-end product, owning your own copy of class-leading tech will cost you: That will be no later than you having just a little spare time at home, we promise. Again, because of the block’s weight no shoebox even five of these with the shoes inside , is to prevent this, suggesting that you’ve already found a stone desk to mount the unit. And the final top-notch bundle currently available includes the fantastic Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Add-On.

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As much fun as it might sound to hold something called a Thrustmaster in your lap, it’s not going to work with this one.

There should be no surprise that the wheel is optimized for the PS3, since that’s the wheel’s design thrustmaster t500 rs and it holds the thrustmaeter title of flagship controller for that game franchise. The pedal setup comes in a Formula 1 arrangement thrustmaster t500 rs of the box, meaning they’re attached the horizontal base. The pedals, however, use rather more traditional potentiometers. To clamp it down you simply spin a screw and it squeezes in place.

For the f500 sim racing fans, there’s thrustmaster t500 rs extra bundle that we provide. Free next-day shipping is offered on all UK orders. The drivers come in an easy to install executable file.

Thrustmaster T500 Rs PS3 and PC Steering Wheel Review

thrustmsater Like with the Fanatec Load Cell brake, the clutch can not keep up with it. Although the paddles remain in a fixed location relative to the wheel housing, your hands are almost always in different places relative to the paddles as you turn the wheel. It’s built like a power tool on an oil rig. The Thrustmaster TRS is awesome in his price class, the pedal plate is stable and rock-solid, plus it can be mounted upside-down.


But with the T RS, the wheel purred like a cat, and when driving at speed the sensation conveyed a feeling of being in touch with the road and the car’s thrustmaster t500 rs, even if the thrustmaster t500 rs is completely artificial. Gran Turismo Sport — Free Thrustmaster t500 rs

Thrustmaster T RS (PC, PS3, PS4) – Joysticks, Gamepads, Wheels – computeruniverse

The weight of some 18kg indicates the massiveness of the metal beast that’s sleeping inside. The pedal base has all the customizable options you’d expect on thrustmaster t500 rs high-end product and shows that Thrustmaster didn’t skimp on this oft-neglected, yet critical component of a sim racing controller. Consider driving your own road car, which probably lacks the brutally direct and less relaxing feel of an almost undamped F1 car.

Paddle Shifters Thrustmaster really set themselves thrustmaster t500 rs from their competitors with their paddle shifter design by fixing to wheel housing instead of the wheel, so they don’t rotate with the wheel somewhat like a rally car’s shifter.

The button layout, while very PS3-centric, is also quite well laid out for any sim racing application. When you’re rounding a corner with the T, it feels like your virtual car is actually gripping the road. There’s an thrustmaster t500 rs length USB-cable included. Driving the Ferrari Italia, you thrustmaxter won’t feel its lack in terms of speed of changing, even reliability. Sure, Thrustmaster’s floor jewelry is bigger, heavier, and more customizable, but all that weight just feels excessive.

thrustmaster t500 rs

Thrustmaster T500 RS (PC, PS3, PS4)

Initial Impression The box arrived on my doorstep, looking and feeling more like it contained a small refrigerator than thrustmaster t500 rs gaming controller. The only place where this wheel truly disappoints for me is in the ergonomics of the paddle shifters. In thrustmmaster trim the brake pedal has firmer resistance than it’s throttle and clutch siblings, but could use quite a bit more resistance.


Thrustmaster is planning to release one separately, but there’s no news about its release date or price as of this writing. As an official racing wheel setup for Gran Turismo 5, it’s vastly superior to the standard controller-based experience. Thrustmaster thrustmaster t500 rs, a company fhrustmaster for its high-end flight controls and its giggle-inducing name, stepped in and bought the license.

Thrustmaster T RS review

The T RS’s pedal base has a unique customizing feature allowing the gamer to switch from floor-mounted F1 style pedals to suspended thrustmaster t500 rs firewall-mounted pedals. It also comes with a realistic-feel brake-mod included. That will be no later than you having just a little spare time at home, we promise.

The T’s three pedals clutch, brake, accelerator offer realistic resistance and weight. You only lack the matching racing seat, that really better not be covered in leather in favour of hundreds of thousands miles of comfort driving like the last-mentioned everyday car’s. We did extensive testing in GT5 on the PS3 and on the iRacing on the PC, both of which did thrustmmaster great job thrustmaster t500 rs highlighting the wheel’s main asset: