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Strasser doing well in LA Online Casino Malaysia

Jason Strasser currently in 2nd place after day 3 of the LA Poker Classic.

Jason Online Casino Malaysia for most of the evening on Day 3 until he found KQ and moved all in. Wasicka (WSOP 2006 Main Event Runner-Up) called with 99, but the flop was good and Strasser moved up to 425K.

Strasser, who was seated at Wasicka’s table for most of the night, made a late push for the top spot in chips after he scooped a pot worth over 300K. With about 100K in the pot Strasser bet 100K. His opponent went into the tank for seven minutes before he reluctantly called. Strasser flipped over two pair to take down a chunky pot.

Jason ended the day with 677,000 chips, only slightly behind the chip leader Edler William who has 696,000.

Bit of Background on Jason

Jason Strasser was born in New York (the city not the state), however he grew up in Hong Kong. As a teenager he came back to the United States, and eventually found himself at Duke studying Engineering. It was at Duke where he first started to really get into poker and start to learn some theory about the game.

In 2006 Jason Strasser played his first WSOP event, and officially arrived on the poker scene.

LA Poker Classic

The L.A. Poker Classic is currently taking place at the Commerce Casino. 1st prize up for graps is $2million. Every player reaching the final table wil get at least $257,00

Some big name pros are left like Chau Giang, JC Tran, Nick Shulman and Nam Le. Also some big internet stars are left in, such as Bodog Ari, and Strassa2.

At the end of Day 3 they have reached the money so they can all relax a little

During Day 3, as the bubble approaced (54 players get paid) the action slowed down considerably and it took almost two hours for ten players to bust out. Chau Giang entertained his table by telling gambling stories involving high stakes betting on a round of golf. He flew to Mexico with Bobby Baldwin, Phil Ivey, and Doyle Brunson. They played golf with NBA legend Michael Jordan for 50K per hole.

As we got right to the bubble the mood in the room was apprehensive with all eyes on Jimmy Sachindis tiny stack. He eventually pushed all in against Markus Stranzinger as a sea of media, floor staff, players, and railbirds hovered over their table. Although Sachindis held the dominant hand, Stranzinger flopped a five to seal Sachindis’ fate as the Bubble Boy. The Aussie headed to the rail in 55th place as the remainder of the field advanced into the money. All 54 remaining players are guaranteed to win $22,780.

pbdrunks final tables a Sunday Million, and adds to his bankroll

pbdrunks is definately, increasinly, becoming one of the top online players. This was even more evident when he recently final tabled a Sunday Million, finishing 8th, for $26K. This was not longer after winning 15k in a $55 rebuy.

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