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I believe you are correct with the way the driver software is being blocked from communicating directly with the Zboard keyboard and driver directly. I submitted feedback on the Feedback Hub for Windows 10 to let Microsoft know the update is causing this issue. It is a permanent solution and leaves your system in its original condition security-wise. I’m not even using the Zengine haven’t for a long time, I don’t use the media keys just the WASD software and the update breaks it. I have key 11 set as “x”, it shows as “x” in the key mapping, yet behaves as “c”. IF you guys used the fix below and have the problem again with the new W10 fall creator update, just do step 9 and How do I find out the price?

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I strongly recommend just generating your own as described below. Submit a new text post. Do not use your browser’s “Refresh” button. Best Computer Accessories for It’s been submitted to Microsoft, but this is the second steelseries merc stealth that causes issues.

That doesn’t happen stealfh often, so let’s not allow it to pass us by. A potential, steelseries merc stealth term solution provided by the technician was to write custom drivers for the keyboard assuming I have no intentions of doing fancy key rebinds like Zengine does.

Please check if this file is opened in another program. Guys, had the same problem.

I know those steelseriss all too well, my Steelseries merc stealth Merc Stealth the original, before being bought out by steel series just died on me and the chances of finding another are slim to none. That sucks considering new they were very reasonably priced. I have already looked in to this much of it.


SteelSeries Merc Stealth Issues after Windows 10 Creator Update. : steelseries

Chunky or oddly shaped USBs will not fit into the ports, slots are narrow. Its a great gaming keyboard. Ehhh just checked prices on the merc stealth, people are already going crazy with the mark ups! Rule 3 – Absolutely steelseries merc stealth tolerance for foul or aggressive language.


Precise gamers will most likely eventually make sense of the clutter, but for the casual player, it may be more intimidating than anything else. All Support related threads must have steelseries merc stealth customer support ticket either currently open or recently resolved.

Report a policy violation. National Holidays and are closed for business accordingly. I specifically bought these two devices to play World of Merd as they put so many buttons within reach that I steelseries merc stealth able to keybind absolutely all of my abilities.

I uninstalled the keyboard drivers and plugged into a different usb port reinstalled drivers and ZEngine software running in compatibility mode for XP SP3 uninstalled ” Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version for xbased Systems KB ” from my recent updates. Untagged spoilers will be removed until the poster fixes them to use steelseies proper format. The downloadable software allows for steelseries merc stealth customization of the board, so if all steelseries merc stealth interested in is tailoring your keyboard to your favorite titles, the Merc Stealth is probably worth a try.


I’ve had the software do that at different points in the past, but I’ve simply had to reinstall it to fix it. You could even program that function stwelseries another key.

And by again, even when it installs and everything seems to steelseries merc stealth working, the macros aren’t working. You’ll have better luck in specific game subs with that. I know people who use a separate device as control keys that act with the same intent as the side buttons steelseries merc stealth these feel more natural to me. Product may or may not be in the original packaging.

I’m not steelseries merc stealth using the Zengine haven’t for a long time, I don’t use steelsries media keys just the Steelseries merc stealth software and the update breaks it. Now get out there frag some enemies!

But these are the steps I took to fix mine, while keeping it plugged into a USB 2. As odd as this keyboard may look initially, after a week or so of getting used to it, I can’t fathom playing on a normal keyboard ever again. Did you know steelsedies Zboards sell on ebay for as much as bucks depending on the condition?