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For example, graphic configurations of postage indicia that correspond to the type of cards and messages generated by the card generating program will be created and imported into the E-STAMP program. Specifications Power Supply Adapter: Systems and methods for creating and providing shape-customized, computer-based, value-bearing items. If, at step , the value in the strike counter is greater than or equal to the total in the software file, at step , the value in the strike up-counter of third data area is added to the value in the strike down counter of second data area Screen instructs the user to connect the TMU holder to a serial port and to insert the TMU button into the holder However, other various forms of input available to processor-based systems may be utilized, such as a light pen or a touch-sensitive screen both not shown. Processor based systems 10 located at different U.

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Thereafter, at stepthe aforementioned data is produced and displayed within stamls In essence, PDF can stack the equivalent of up to 90 one-dimensional stamps com p1 printer codes, each just three hundredths of an inch high. Microsoft Word – manual.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. The portable memory could also contain, for example, a timer, stamps com p1 printer counter, a graphics program, a bar code program, or any one of a plurality of other “active” elements which can be incorporated into the operation of the system.

System and method for directly searching for postage indicia on documents, to select and print.

The system as set forth in claim 5 wherein said transfer medium is a peel off restick label. Screen further requests that the user prepare the following information: Specifically, the user’s software takes the string of random data acquired by gaining access to a first data area and applies stamps com p1 printer second hash algorithm thereto. Since the strike down-counter always decrements from a predetermined initial value by one with the printing of each indicia and the strike up-counter always increments by one from an initial value simultaneously, prunter total must always equal the same value N.


Method for statistics mode reloading and for statistical acquisition according to statistics stamps com p1 printer in the storing of a dataset.

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Systems and methods for using a web portal to integrate into a shamps return system. Ocm the user returns the button to the Post Office at the end of the month, the Post Office will access the memory of the TMU stamps com p1 printer to determine how much postage has been charged for that month and will bill the user for those charges. PUSwhich application is hereby incorporated by reference herein. Thus, if the amount in the button amount up-counter is greater than or equal to the amount in the user’s software file, the button passes at step ; otherwise, an error occurs at step These systems are used to create all manner of designs and to print the creations on all manner of stamps com p1 printer material in addition to paper.

At stepthe customer software reads the last access date written into the corresponding field in second data area Method and arrangement for data processing in a mail-processing system with a postage meter machine. An example of such a screen is seen in FIG. The Post Office encourages the use of PostNet bar codes, as it allows mail to be automatically sorted for distribution.

The system as set forth in claim 1 wherein stamps com p1 printer postage indicia is customized under control of data provided on an interactive basis between said processing system and said user.

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The system as set forth in claim printrr wherein said document creation control program is a word processing program, and wherein said transfer section of said document contains a transfer medium. TMU button stamps com p1 printer several memory sections, each section includes an ID area, a password area and a data area.


A preferred embodiment, illustrated in FIGS. Next, at stepthe customer may select a U. If the answer stamps com p1 printer no, the program skips to box However, in boxif this is a final version, a determination is made via box as to whether this is a check.

Method for preventing fraudulent printing of a postage indicium displayed on a personal computer. In the upper left-hand corner of display screen 40 is illustrated a TMU serial number, in this example “2 32 0 0 0 This serial number may also include a designation of a particular system 10 or a designation of the postal stamps com p1 printer performing the dtamps.

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These numbers are used as a second password to assist in the random generation of numerals within block Digital printing, metering, and recording of other post services on the face of a mail piece. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

If access to second data area is gained stamps com p1 printer stepthen at step the user’s software reads the last access date field of dom data area A major advantage prjnter these stamps com p1 printer cm graphical security interfaces is that they contain an error-correction formula which can often recover the entire message even if parts of the code have been torn or damaged.

Use of a kiosk to provide verifiable identification using cryptographic identifiers. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: