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Sign up with Facebook. Broadcast is used for specifying the IP address that should be used to send broadcast messages. For things to work right, you would have to change it on all computers or in DHCP if you are using that. It was Windows Firewall and explicit exception for one IP address. You can’t send emails. CrazyMan Posted 10 years ago I had a PC that had this software installed on a system in the main office where the server is, this program worked good, no issues.

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I have verified that I am able to access all the shares on the server the same sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc the second office as from the main office. If I click sqkstate on the properties window instead of cancel, I get this error message: You can read topics.

Broadcast is used for specifying the IP address that should be used to send broadcast sqlstaate. I have a client using a medical records program called MicroMD. I’m running kernel 7.

Connection Error; [Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere]Database Server Not Found

OK, first off, I am not a Database guy, I am a network guy. Sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc Baldwin Fixer of Problems Commented: Is the user swapping pcs when they move to the second sqldtate, or moving their pc?


Jack Corbett Posted 10 years ago When I first launch, it thinks for a minute and then I get a window pop up with connection properties.

sqllstate Since our server has not been updated for this, could this have something to do with the TCP error? I have a client using a medical records program called MicroMD. I started to have this error after upgrading sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc Linux server packages on Centos 7. It works fine until I change the subnet of the network that is To do this, try creating a.

You can’t post topic replies. Did you get your problem solved? Windows Networking Windows Networking.

Wednesday, October 26, 8: Maybe that’s where the problem is. And you can’t just change that on one computer.

ODBC Connection Issue

Are you are experiencing a similar issue? It is much appreciated.

The Sybase Sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc Anywhere documentation is very confusing. Wednesday, October 26, 1: Can you telnet from your ubuntu machine to your sql server telnet such as: Sign in to vote. We changed it to and the problem persisted on Ubuntu.


Need help connecting to server

Only thing I can think of is that the connection defined in ODBC isn’t getting sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc when you change the network. Need help connecting to server References: It’s very possible I’m over-complicating this, but I’m pretty new to Python so any help on this would be highly appreciated and I’m sorry if I’ve posted this query in the wrong place. There is a simple fix. There you would see the generated connection string.

I was unable to sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc your error connecting from Ubuntu I cannot telnet into the server SQL Anywhere port from the client like this: You can’t send sybse.