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These knock-off manufacturers will normally strip off the “SchmalzHaus. The license that the EasyDriver is released under requires at least some attribution. The EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver from Sparkfun is a simple to use stepper motor driver, compatible with anything that can output a digital 0 to 5V pulse or 0 to 3. You then supply 5V or 3. It provides much more flexibility and control over your stepper motor, when compared to older versions. To use the EasyDriver with 3.

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Instead, what you need to do is put a volt meter sparkfyn the TP1 test point which is connected to the VRef pin on the driver chip and measure sparkfun easy stepper voltage with respect to ground.

Example 1.5: Moving when a button is pressed

So unless you would like to power the logic side of the Easy Driver from your own power supply, you can leave it as it is from the factory. The purpose of APWR is to allow users to disconnect the built-in logic power supply of the EasyDriver and power it using their own 5V or 3. The largest voltage on that test point normally 5V will result sparlfun the largest current through the motor coils mAand the sparkfun easy stepper voltage on TP1 1V corresponds to the least current through the motor coils mA.


It is very, very rare for people to use sparktun APWR jumper. Power Supply Current rest. Check out our videos Follow us on: The sleep and enable pins are also broken out for further control. Sparkfun easy stepper appears that Electronics DIY has decided to build Easy Drivers, taking off the “Schmalz Haus” part of the silk sparkfun easy stepper, and not sparkfun easy stepper anywhere on their page where sparkrun design came from i.

This will cause permanent damage to the A IC. Also check for any missi ng components.

Easy Driver Examples

I am flattered, truly I am. This will set the Vcc on the Easy Driver to 3. All the rest below are optional – in other words, the Easy Driver sets them sparkfun easy stepper reasonable default values. That’s it – those are the only signals that sparkfun easy stepper absolutely need to connect sparkun anything.

Easy Driver stepper motor driver

Add to Cart Compare. Click sparkfun easy stepper enlarge Price: All 8 of these measurements should be over 1MOhm. Connect a 4-wire stepper motor and a microcontroller and you’ve got precision motor control!

This is very inefficient and will raise the temperature of the board. Do not connect sparkfun easy stepper disconnect a motor while the driver is energized. Please don’t support ‘knock-off’ Easy Drivers. You might want to do this for power savings reasons.


EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

Do not connect anything else to the ED. The microstep select MS1 and MS2 pins of the A are broken out allowing adjustments to the microstepping resolution.

The EasyDriver has an on board voltage regulator for the digital interface that can be set to 5V or 3. These knock-off manufacturers will normally strip off the “SchmalzHaus. sparkfun easy stepper

On this version v4. Again, all of these should read greater than 1MOhm. EasyDriver drives bi-polar motors, and motors wired as bi-polar. You never really can trust the silk screen on the Sparkfun easy stepper Driver. And this is open source hardware after all. The higher the voltage, the higher the torque at high speeds Documents related to the EasyDriver Sparkfun easy stepper Motor Driver: SparkFun has been known to ship boards with resistors or capacitors missing.

If your board has any missing parts, it might not work well. Eagle Files and BOM.

They are fantastic and not only believe in the value of OSHW but actively support designers like me.