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Honor’s new Honor 10 smartphone is basically a budget Huawei P20 updated with Singapore pricing and availability. Further customization is available within the control panel, which lets you mess with the equalizer, sound processing, or even set HotKeys to cue everything from LED settings to voice modulation. There aren’t enough ridges or bumps to feel for while you’re in the middle of a game, which means time lost taking the headset off to connect either the detachable microphone or USB cable. Also, I am having problems with the headset staying connected to the transmitter dongle. There is no guarantee this will work but some drivers this works with 1.

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World of Warcraft Headset

Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma. I think I goofed, I am hoping my fellow smarter than me geeks and nerds can help me out! How To Receive Warranty Service.

Also, I am having problems with the headset staying connected to the transmitter dongle.

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Sometimes they can hear me and mostly they can not. Communicate with your party hedset raid clearly. Sound quality was decent, but not particularly impressive. While the volume buttons are conveniently located on the left ear cup, they aren’t very useful due to the fact that they are difficult to find, as is the case sound blaster world of warcraft wireless headset the USB and microphone jacks.

You can customize the color or let it cycle through a range of hues, and the lighting is pretty, with extremely vivid colors and a nice glowing effect.


Support for such products is limited to online materials, such as Knowledgebase Solutionsdrivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website.

There is no guarantee this will work but some drivers this works with 1.

Sound Blaster headphones and windows /10 – World of Warcraft Forums

Configure settings easily with custom software that enables you to personalize the illumination of your headset as well as customize your audio experience. Save these changes and double-click the “setup.

Powerful audio from Sound Blaster, without the wires of course. Noise-Canceling Condenser Frequency Response: Think of it as Dolby Pro Logic for headphones, creating a simulated soundscape from whatever audio you feed it. This download contains the following driver and application s: Immerse yourself in the uncompressed 2. The rest of the headset is done in matte gunmetal, with glyphs and wirelesx symbols surrounding the cups to provide its finishing touches.

If this is the first time you are connecting the USB transmitter to your computer, install the driver first before proceeding. Sound blaster world of warcraft wireless headset the past, the term “wireless” has been synonymous with hissing, interference, and disposable batteries, but Creative has really nailed it with their new 2. The left souund sound blaster world of warcraft wireless headset has controls for volume, while mute and power buttons are cunningly concealed as part of the rune design.


Customers are also welcome to participate in our discussion forums to obtain further information. For more details, read the rest of this web release note. We started a new character in WoW and were happy with the immersive effect: Double-click the downloaded file.

Fortunately, hezdset technology means you won’t be doing a whole lot of connecting. During our time with the headphones, we heard no clipping or interference, even with three cellphones making calls nearby and standing at a distance from the transmitter. Do not connect it to a USB hub.

Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset Review – IGN

Can you post the complete make and model that way we can do some research. In the near future, Creative hopes to offer lenses for different classes, factions, and guilds. I have same issue but with Windows GH Here is a link to them.

The detachable noise-canceling microphone gives you clear, precise speech delivery, ensuring your fellow players will hear every word.

Keep your hands totally free to control the game by mapping your push-to-talk key or favorite macro to this optional foot control pedal.