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With the Sound Blaster Extigy, Creative Labs gives computer music fans seven outputs and five audio inputs of pretty much every stripe. PC gaming, console gaming, music, movies, etc. The utility works with any cards of the Live! They allowed us to compare the sound by switching between the codec and the front output. The cards have different analog circuits of the front channels.

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When placed horizontally, the unit stands on 4 rubber legs, while in the vertical position it stands sound blaster extigy two plastic supports. The cards have different analog circuits of the front channels.

If someone can supply me with the cd iso I will make it available for other people to download. At default, the Sound blaster extigy is seen as a WDM card which supports reproduction on 3 different virtual devices.

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It’s like a video card working in the x mode which renders an image for x and uses interpolation for the higher resolution. The sound blaster extigy spends much time on design of its products, and the today’s Extigy is a more elegant solution than sound blaster extigy the Audigy Platinum eX. You’d still have to route the decoded signal to a receiver or powered speakers, such as the Creative MegaWorks digital system that we’ll be reviewing in a few weeks, but the signal processing is handled entirely by the Extigy.

The monitor will display big letters, and it will be easy to navigate. Everyone, get over here for the picture! Other than the Creative and Cambridge speakers mentioned above, the Extigy should be used with only surround-sound computer speakers since they have the correct sound blaster extigy inputs.


I hate everyone, so you don’t have to. Under the speaker there is a Creative RemoteCenter icon. In the Windows Sound blaster extigy no such problems occur. Increasing a size of the buffer didn’t help much though it unloaded the processor.

Creative Sound Blaster Extigy

Well, let’s wait for corrections or exclusion of this mode from the working ones, like in case sound blaster extigy the Audigy. Analog stereo input and output volume levels can be adjusted using knobs on the front of the Extigy, via the taskbar mixer, or with the Creative Audio Mixer. The beauty of the Extigy is that it blastfr be used with sound blaster extigy type of computer laptop or desktop or other sound source and generate the high quality output found in the Audigy cards.


The Unreal Tournament has some bugs related with sound, and even its patched version doesn’t reproduce sound blaster extigy sounds always correctly. Find More Posts by Kpalsm. The specification gives quite good parameters, much better than for linear-ins sound blaster extigy different AC’97 codecs.

Besides, there are some digital distortions in dound signal from algorithms of mixing and sampling rate conversion SRC. One of the technological strengths of the Extigy is that it performs all signal decoding by itself. Here is what we get when we apply to the input a 1kHz sinusoid -3 dB.


Contrary to the Live! Northern Sound blaster extigy Virginia Posts: That is why quality of a front channel is traditionally lower than of a rear one.

The fact that it is an external device also renders your audio free from the PC’s internal electrical noise. Conclusion Our tests show that the Extigy can’t replace completely a modern sound card such as Audigy, but it successfully competes against the Audigy in sound quality and friendliness.

The Extigy makes some attempts, but the outcome is terrible with the current drivers. For our testing we used an average-level desktop system: Very good in sound blaster extigy In this mode the Extigy performs very well. I still say my audigy drivers might work The picture also demonstrates it; it also shows that a distortion level grows proportionally to a signal level. That is why its characteristics in the 96kHz mode yield to sound blaster extigy 48kHz one.

You can put the Extigy on your desk either horizontally or vertically using two rubber feet. Both Extigy and Audigy have decent quality for MP3 music with middle bitrates.