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Reliable autofocus, good image quality in low light, and great colors straight from the camera are all important. You simply turn the wheel until its on-screen pointer is alongside the appropriate setting, press in on the wheel to activate it, and turn the wheel to change settings. The DSC-S85’s playback mode goes beyond the basic features found on most cameras. Compared to its predecessor, it boasts both a bigger sensor and optical image stabilization. At the higher, xpixel HQ setting, you’re limited to about 40 seconds’ worth of video clips.

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Sony DSC-S85 and reviewed! May 16, 49 mobile.

The hand grip right side of the camera has only a neck strap attachment eyelet, and the Jog Soyn navigator nearby, for adjusting exposure settings on the camera’s LCD monitor and LED panel. The color is a bit off on the lights though messing with White Balance settings may have helpedand it’s a bit dark of sony dsc-s85, so sony dsc-s85 the SF skyline, lately.

Sony Cyber Shot DSC S85 review: Sony Cyber Shot DSC S85 – CNET

Like all of Sony’s cameras and camcorders, sony dsc-s85 S85 uses the InfoLithium battery. In addition to soy as a navigational tool in the LCD menu system, the four-way Arrow Rocker Pad controls several camera functions through its four arrow keys, including Flash mode, Macro, Self-timer, and Quick Preview. Chromatic aberration is also relatively low, showing about one or dsc-85 pixels of coloration on each side of the black target lines. The Playback menu sony dsc-s85 offers a Resize option, as well sony dsc-s85 Copy and Rotate tools.

The addition of a Mode dial and Jog Dial navigator or Command wheel greatly simplifies the task of setting such variables as shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation. Uh oh, too low I guess. Instead, the current distance setting is shown in a single, numeric reading, which you can change by sony dsc-s85 the Jog Dial sony dsc-s85 the focus distance is highlighted on the LCD screen.


Pressing the button sont activates the LCD monitor if it was previously turned sony dsc-s85 with the information display turned on.

In addition to improvements introduced with Sony’s 3. The lens is protected by a removable, spring-lock lens cap, which comes with an easy-to-thread lens strap opening and a small tether sony dsc-s85 to sony dsc-s85 it from getting lost.

Zeiss optics are noted for their sharpness, and the lens soy a significant feature of the camera. You simply turn the wheel until its sony dsc-s85 pointer arrow is alongside the appropriate setting, press in on the wheel to activate it, and turn it to change settings.

Four main exposure modes offer varying levels ssony control: Additional sdc-s85 buttons on the back panel let you change basic exposure settings, such as sony dsc-s85 options, exposure compensation, and AE Lock with a single button-push.

It’s in a great shape other than a few minor scuffs.

Sony DSC-S85

Once you’ve split the movie into parts like this, throw away the segments you don’t need, or keep them around to show your viewers how lucky they are that csc-s85 sony dsc-s85 showing them the “interesting” parts. As an added bonus, the S85 offers an external flash socket and mounting shoe, which sony dsc-s85 you to connect a more sony dsc-s85 flash to the camera.

In the other modes you can record until the Stick fills up.

We expect that final production models will be faster, both in shutter lag and cycle time specs, based on comments by Sony staff. It’s just left of the optical viewfinder. E-mail mode records a smaller x sony dsc-s85 sdc-s85 size that’s small enough to sony dsc-s85 easily sent to friends and family by e-mail.


sony dsc-s85 My major concern with many of Sony’s cameras, sony dsc-s85 the Memory Stick format. Tuesday, June 19, Last Updated: A Spot Metering option switches the exposure metering system to take sony dsc-s85 from the very center of the image a crosshair target appears in the center of the LCD monitor.

There’s also an E-mail record mode that captures a smaller, x pixel image size that’s easier for e-mail transmission, in addition to the primary image size you’ve selected dssc-s85 the Record menu.

Sony DSC-S85 Digital Camera Review: Intro and Highlights

Finally, the Dsd-s85 Arrow activates and deactivates the Quick Review function, which displays the most recently captured image on the LCD screen. The Sony dsc-s85 has a very good bundle. As noted in sony dsc-s85 earlier Exposure section of this review, we felt that some aspects of the Jog Dial’s operation could have been better designed.

Does not include cord for rechargeable batteries. May 17, When you have images stored on the Memory Stick, the left arrow key on the Arrow rocker button back panel activates a quick review of the previously captured image, and offers sony dsc-s85 delete option for removing the sony dsc-s85.