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You simply press the center of the rocker toggle button to stop the playback where you’d like to make an edit. Manual exposure mode provides complete control over exposure, including aperture settings, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and metering. Cycle time from shot to shot is pretty good at 3. Images can also be erased, write-protected, copied, resized, set up for printing on a DPOF device, or played back in a slide show. Like its predecessor the S70, the DSC-S75 turned it a really exceptional performance on the resolution test.

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Overall color accuracy was very high, with only slightly reduced sony dsc-s75 saturation in the subtractive primaries cyan, yellow, and magenta. In Playback mode, the right and left arrows scroll through captured images, while the up and down arrows control the playback volume. Choose between Twilight, Portrait, sony dsc-s75 Landscape.

Sony DSC-S75 Review

May 14, 6 mobile. In our testing, we ds-s75 the flash reasonably sony dsc-s75 all the way to 15 feet. We felt that the Low flash intensity was best for close-range portrait ssony, as the Normal and High settings tended to wash out the color and sony dsc-s75 highlight areas. When you’ve captured as many photos as you need, you just press sony dsc-s75 center of the Arrow rocker pad to tell the camera to finish the sequence.

Digital Cameras – Sony DSC-S75 Digital Camera Review

Continuous mode provides a shot-to-shot interval of only 0. Readers have requested free-formatted versions of our reviews without the graphical accouterments of our page designto make printing sony dsc-s75.

The S75’s LCD monitor reports the current number dscs-75 images captured, how many additional images can be stored based on current image resolution and quality settingsand displays a small graphic to let you know approximately how much space is left on the Memory Stick. Once we figured out what was sony dsc-s75 on though, we fairly quickly became adept at somy between the various controls and making setting changes.

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The Up Arrow button is marked with a flash sony dsc-s75, and cycles between the Auto, Forced, and Suppressed Flash modes in all capture modes except Movie. The Record menu is accessible in all capture modes by pressing the Menu button, however, not all menu options sony dsc-s75 available in all capture modes.

Additional external camera controls reduce the reliance on the LCD menu system and greatly simplify overall camera operation.

You can do some stop motion animation with this I ds-cs75. While it’s true that a third-party “dumb” flash unit would lose all the exposure-control benefits offered by Sony’s own units, we suspect that many purchasers of the S75 sony dsc-s75 already own a strobe sony dsc-s75 as part of their film-based kit, and would like the option of using it with the S75, even with restricted functionality.

The three-panel sony dsc-s75 menu is automatically displayed on the Slny monitor upon entering Setup mode:. Whatever the case, once we calmed down a little and operated the control in a more deliberate manner, we had no further trouble. Manufacturer Overview Sony Electronics has long held a dominant position in the digicam marketplace, with a wide range sony dsc-s75 models enjoying enormous popularity with consumers.

Manual exposure mode provides complete control over exposure, including aperture settings, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and metering. The debate sony dsc-s75 on, the S75 appears to have sony dsc-s75 same lens as last years S70 which we discovered is the same as used by Epson’s PhotoPC Z, Canon’s G1 and a couple of other digital cameras.


DCRP Review: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S75

The telephoto end fared a bit better, as we measured approximately 0. Additional kudos to Sony for including a lens cap with strap. Fujifilm FinePix S Zoom review. The camera picks the best settings for these sony dsc-s75. We also noticed that when you manually adjust the focus, sony dsc-s75 LCD monitor snaps into focus dramatically as soon as you select the right distance.

The adapter by itself can also be used to attach non-Sony accessory lenses, such as macro adapters, dsc-7s5.

sony dsc-s75 These distortion figures are actually a bit better than average, particularly at the telephoto end sony dsc-s75 the lens range. In all three adjustable modes Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manualthe command wheel sony dsc-s75 the aperture or shutter speed settings.

Landscape mode uses a smaller aperture setting to keep both the background and foreground in sharp focus, allowing you to capture dsc-s755 vistas of scenery.

Would you consider coming back to our site and clicking-through to one of our advertisers to make your purchase? Google Lens will soon be available in several Android camera apps.

As noted earlier, we applaud Sony’s inclusion of the small data readout LCD to facilitate camera operation without resorting to the large color LCD display. Shoot a piece of white paper or whatever you want to be white, and you’ll be able to get accurate color in almost any lighting.

We’d sony dsc-s75 a sony dsc-s75 more control range dsc-x75 this control.