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I have the microsoft PC Wireless gamepad it look like the Xbox controll but it meant for pc gaming. Sometimes they make you pay for shipping it back, sometimes not. Results 1 to 10 of It has a nice feel and a really long cord. Want to add to the discussion? However, now that you are able to re-assign keys, this opens up infinite possibilities for the commands you can do with the controller. If you’re posting a submission with spoilers in the body or potentially comments, click “spoiler” or “nsfw” if you have CSS off after you’ve submitted it.

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I find buttons that respond best then assign important abilities to those and go on from there Thats the only real issue i have with controller input in general, and snakebyte ffxiv controller PS3 controller is very similar.

Snakebyte Final Fantasy XIV (FF00009) Gamepad

I bought mine from amazon. I will press buttons and have to jam snakebyte ffxiv controller button just to get a response. Skip to content Search for: Another way to avoid this is to uncheck the setting in the controller config that allows the controller to be used while the game is in the background.

Although I dont have experience with that controller, I do use the PS3 controller, and let me warn you that targeting is some kind of witchcraft. It was a horrible product, SE should be ashamed of themselves for attaching their brand to such a shitty controller. I got one for my gf. Znakebyte hard enough concentrating on game but now I gotta wrestle with controller Ill have to snakebyte ffxiv controller something else.


Hmm, that’s a shame to hear. Melee targetting isn’t any big deal, this is coming from a tank with a curtana. I have a MacBook Pro, and the chiclet keyboard is no good for extended play sessions.

Though it is not better or worse then a regular or PS3 controller. Log snakebyte ffxiv controller or sign up in seconds.

It gives more real estate for your hand to wrap around than a normal Dualshock controller does. The Square Enix terms of use, privacy policy and cookies policy can also be found through links at the bottom of the page.

I snakebyte ffxiv controller hit Level Yeah I have one and use it. There are a couple of things that mix it up however. Make sure that if playing in windowed mode that the game is selected, otherwise you could be in for a snakebyte ffxiv controller surprises when playing with the function button on the controller as I experienced. Unit looks like a ps3 controller. Amazon will let you return, even if you don’t have original packaging.

I personally use a Logitech F though I also had good experience with the dual shock 4 controller snakebyte ffxiv controller you actually get it set up to work.


It’s not bad for the price. It has a nice feel and a really long cord.

Snakebyte Final Fantasy XIV Controller FF Gaming Reviews, Tech | Popzara Press

It’s mostly just for games snakebyte ffxiv controller don’t like that one. Spoiler tagging a comment: However, with the November update, using a controller has become even easier with the updated user interface, making some people myself included re-consider using a game pad.

Less than 6 months lof usable lifespan if you treat the controller like a newborn baby Wanted to get a PS3 one but did not want to deal with the driver thing so i just learn how to use a and been using it for over 1 year still snakebyte ffxiv controller just like new. Like an avid fan I trashed the packaging as soon as I opened it expecting luxury and got a lemon instead.

I’m using a wired snakebyte ffxiv controller to play right now, but I’d love to find something with a better D-pad, without having to use the marshmallow-like L2-R2 buttons on a PS3 controller.

I bought 2 back when 1. Sometimes they make you pay for shipping it back, sometimes not.

But the guts inside don’t match the response feedback.