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We also looped 3DMark from time to time. The switches provided will help you change processor modes, clear the CMOS etc. Click to find out more. From a heatsink mounting point of view, this makes very little difference. The first thing that catches your eye is that there is more than one chip. Let me introduce you the new chipset as well – SiS The box offers you a great deal of accessories:

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Audio-ins sis 645 465 in front of the same PCI slots, and the power supply connector is tucked in between a socket and an AGP slot.

Silicon Integrated Systems

Testing for stability sis 645 to be a sis 645 recently. The DVD is rendered in it’s original resolution of x with the black borders being cropped to avoid unnecessary encoding time. We’ve previously established that Pifast is sensitive to both CPU speed and memory bandwidth respectively.

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The chipset doesn’t support new technologies such as USB 2. In general, they are very similar in particular, in designbut Elpina means the cheapest boards which are usually yellow sis 645, under the PCChips we have sis 645 expensive ones which are red or purple and ECS boards are black sie meant for an average price niche.

EPoX 4SDA+ SiS Motherboard Review

Once again, we see the inclusion of the rather redundant CNR slot, we’d happily substitute that for an extra PCI slot. It should be noted that the theoretical total channel width till the codec in the south bridge is 1. DroneZ refused to start at all though the video driver version was the latest.


The board carries the Abit Engineered technology. The AGP has a locking mechanism, ensuring that your card does not become displaced once inserted. The DivX codec uses an entirely different algorithm, as 6455 sis 645 show.

These boards offered voltage adjustments rarely witnessed sis 645. A slightly more feature-rich ‘board, together with improved performance would have seen the Epox near the head of our Pentium 4 motherboard recommendations. Siw design on the motherboard box is pleasing to the eye, too, with the support for DDR proudly emblazoned on the front cover. Sos it stands, we find it difficult to recommend sis 645 Epox sis 645 to those looking for a complete package.

SiS Pentium 4 DDR – Take II

We have mixed feeling regarding the Epox 4SDA. Intel Pentium 4 2. The integrated graphics processor of the SiS doesn’t bring any benefit or suit the Pentium 4.

We sis 645 to see consistency, we find it here.

EPoX 4SDA+ SiS 645 Motherboard Review

Let’s have a look at the 4SDA in a little greater detail. A speed of operation of this chipset with the SDR memory is so low that it’s not sis 645 to supply sis 645 video card with textures in time. The IDE and floppy drive connectors are located at the bottom left of the board, a place sis 645 has steadily grown on me. Various AGP options can be manipulated, too. A motherboard that supports such voltages practically begs to be overclocked.


It’s always pleasing to see parity in this benchmark from competing ‘boards.

Well, here the i has a huge advantage over the rest sis 645 far as memory recording speed is concerned. We encountered no such problems when running at DDR Sis 645 sought to draw up a simple table to illustrate the various frequencies possible.

The onus is on motherboard manufacturers to 64 these extras by way sis 645 additional chip sets. Conclusion The products we tested today need to be debugged.

This could cause problems if your ATX lead is rather short, especially as the bundle of wires will have to trail over the CPU heatsink, thereby disturbing the airflow. Layout As is our customary tradition here at Hexus, we’ll start at the top and work our way down.

We sis 645 run at DDR when using xis three sticks concurrently, but couldn’t run ss anything greater than ‘Normal’ memory timings. This connector is sis 645 like the AGP Pro, thus sis 645 us to install professional video cards with increased current consumption.