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By now also available in black. Here you can notice the efficiency of the headpipe. These two have instantly become the most popular XPC boxes in their respective fields , and with good reason, they’re simply the best two XPC systems Shuttle has ever built. The name “power-dwarf” is the absolutely correct name for it This way the heat is led to the outside.

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Small suuttle factor PC’s commonly known as SFF’s have become one of the few new products in the computer industry shuttle x video everyone seems to be excited about. Congratulations to Shuttle for this product! Shuttle x video chipset supports even the Hyper-Threading function of the Pentium 4.

For all the other motherboard manufacturers out there looking to get into the SFF market, take note, this is how a SFF should be made. Business users who need powerful systems for presentations and off-site computing can also make use of the XPC.

The Pentium 4 is a faster chip, but runs on a slower chipset. The cooling is shuttle x video by a centrically placed fan. Each normal user can stop now to read, buy the box and add his own hardware. Even under full load, when the CPU consumption is almost W, the fan speeds up to just rpm, which is acceptable.


With an optional card reader the Shuttle become a presentation machine shuttle x video your shuttle x video photos. Special heat strings lead from the CPU to the so-called case ventilator. Mini-PCs on the passing lane: The practical operations are wide spread and unlimited in any case, so Shuttle’s midget can rise to a real allrounder by its numerous onboard features and ports on the front side.


A positive fact is Shuttle’s especially for the XPCs developed cooling system that works efficiently and is quite calm all in all. We will show you an exclusive alternative. So much of a PC in a petite case – this has stunned many. shuttle x video

Here you can install another high-performance graphics card which make the system excellent for gaming. It is a triumph of design and is highly recommended. Inside the case is one of Shuttle’s best tricks: The Shuttle x video sprts a vast range of ports, can shuttle x video the latest P4 processors, a top-of-the-range 3D graphics card, while still having a spare PCI shutfle and great looks. It is very powerful in gaming.

Shuttle Global – XPC Barebones, Cube, Slim, AIO, NAS, Digital Signage, Kiosk, POS, ARM

Shuttle x video CPU heatsink cideo pipes bending round 90 degrees to a vertical radiator which in turn is cooled by a fan. One can say that the technical part of this project was successfully done.


Small, handy and high-end inside. Videp Mini-PC as video recorder. AMD and nVidia vs. Each platform wins shttle fair share of benchmarks, neither is the clear winner. Thus, also gaming people are able to replace the onboard graphics with a powerful graphics card. The Final Word Both of these Shuttle boxes have sold fairly shuttle x video, and really, anyone who has purchased one of these system can tell you first hand that they shuttle x video quality boxes.

A water cooling should be inserted, the front have shuttle x video be new and several technical gimmicks should be integrated into smallest space. It offers a good basis for our project by the noble aluminum look and the futuristically designed acrylic front.

The water cooling has been completely integrated and the frist optical mods have also been done. Because we’re passionate about these computing tools, we’re calling them the Stuff We Love. Sjuttle A real plain purchase recommendation Beide Rechner bieten wesentliche Highlights: Make shuttle x video elegant PC system with a barebone Print version of this shuttle x video