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Highlander it actually is as placing the club in a vice remove old grip and simply lop the desired amount off the butt end of the shaft with a junior hacksaw. The feel is so subjective, player dependent. By fitting a lighter grip the club head will feel heavier when you swing it. Try our Press Release Manager I have done this a couple of times with old clubs, then regripped with new grip, it only takes 10 mins.

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One inch may not seem like a big deal, but it could provide a surprising improvement in performance for some golfers.

We look at the factors you must consider when selecting the correct shwft length for your driver, irons and putter. After my failed experiment with 3 woods just don’t see eye to eye! I hit my driver with a 3 wood shaft short shaft golf, higher, with less spin and above all else – straighter.

Never had one shortened but quite often “choke” down on one to find a tight fairway when short shaft golf out distance isn’t a priority. Or lead tape at the but end. So what can we learn from this research?

What Length Golf Clubs Should I Use? – Golf Monthly

Recreational players may swing the 3-wood more slowly than their driver because the club is shorter, but the impact likely will be more efficient and there might not be a short shaft golf loss in ball speed. Andrew Rice Golf Golf instruction – what is essential to the swing and what is merely style? These players have above-average swing speeds and therefore do not need the short shaft golf an extra inch in their shaft would provide.


I just purchase R11 stiff shaft.

If you don’t adjust your setup with different clubs then yes the club will be out ehaft alignmnet – but you are coming from the wrong end. So what shot did short shaft golf guys have with a longer shaft?

Shortened Driver Shaft

I hit 11 shots with each club and eliminated the data for the poorest shot with each club. I was awesome on the few vintage club outings I decided to make. I have only had one come back too light which promptly got returned and corrected.

I’m also 5’7″ so I’m not sure short shaft golf a standard length driver shaft is right for me. With this I’m confident of taking out the big gun and whacking it a stupendous y on a good day or for you internet golfers yards gps measured.

Or is it just a fleeting visit? To have the best chance of establishing the correct putter length for your personal set-up, you should go short shaft golf a putter fitting with a professional, otherwise there are lots of potential pitfalls….

Which Driver Shaft Length?

Now short shaft golf if I could hit it off the deck lol! So manufacturers in the past decade made progressively longer drivers, especially clubs designed for higher-handicap players, older golfers and anyone else seeking yards. A putter that is too short shaft golf will cause you to subconsciously stand further from the ball, moving your eyes inside, instead of over, the ball.


What is the optimum driver shaft length? I had a short shaft golf driver cut down to 5 wood length and hey presto I could hit it with only a small loss of distance. Three-Day Golf School information may also be found here. I know a guy at the club that grabs driver off rack, has pro cut down 1″ and regrip, bombs it, says he loves it and no issue with the feel.

Feels much more comfortable and controlable. Middle of the face more often. Statistics from Game Golf show that average golfers…. The answer comes down to control. From here your arc is flatter and the toe of your putter could be off the ground, pushing your short shaft golf left of target.

This trip is taking shape shatt With putters the shaft length you need is the one that helps get your eyes directly over the ball at address. I have plenty of distance, but driver accuracy is an issue short shaft golf me.