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Biram’s music was featured in the documentary, Running Heavy , [8] [9] and another short documentary entitled The Tuesday Nighter. We scrutinized his writing and recording process, considered his new tattoo, and imagined what heaven might be like. The film’s score was written and performed by Nick Cave , and Warren Ellis. Although Biram doesn’t cite anyone, or thing as an influence for becoming a one-man band besides “a need to pay bills” and “a need to avoid the politics of being in a band,” he has mentioned that he is proud to have shared the stage with other prominent one man bands such as the late Hasil Adkins and his friends, Bob Log III , Legendary Tiger Man , and fellow Texan, Homer Henderson. I’m takin’ little white pills, I’m seein’ white lines You know that log book, she is way behind Ah, this wheeler’s movin’ just like 18 tons of fallin’ lead Well, I’m gonna put that hammer down, babe ‘Cause Austin’s just 20 more miles ahead I’ve been to Detroit, L.

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He also raises real chickens at his home in Austin, TX.

Retrieved from ” https: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Scott H. Sign In Don’t have an account? He is known for wearing mesh-back trucker hats, and proudly sporting velcro shoes on stage. The Album reached 35 on the iTunes Scott biram truck Chart on the day of release. The original Scott H. He is also known for writing and singing songs about “chickens,” which he claims refers not just to poultry, scott biram truck also to lovers, ex-lovers and “loose women” in general. Well, the sin is cut and dry, but the gospel stuff is complicated.


His fourth record on the Bloodshot label, Bad Ingredientswas scott biram truck on October 11, scott biram truck Biram’s music was featured in the documentary, Running Heavy[8] [9] and another short documentary entitled The Tuesday Nighter. Biram’s musical style covers a wide spectrum. The film’s score was written and performed by Nick Caveand Warren Ellis.

The month between recording and mixing, I went into my home studio and re-recorded some of the songs on my new reel-to-reel, then Erik did a good scott biram truck mixing it all down.

I thought I could just go in and get it done and it would be badass, but it was more work than I was expecting. Yeah, this is the motor mouth comin’ at ya Yeah, westbound, what’s it lookin’ like there out your backdoor?

You typically record at home, so working with producer Erik Wofford at Cacophony Records was a new approach for scott biram truck. On March 25,Biram was involved in a head-on collision with a big-rig semi truck, which resulted in both his vehicle and his body being crushed.

I have to do it. Retrieved from ” http: Biram’s long time fans will recognize his sense of original, casual, rural fashion.


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He shares his birth date appropriately with blues legend Muddy Waters. The downloadable version was also made available. External links Nominate as Song scotr the Day.

Biram heavy metal song “Church Babies” was written while Tduck Biram was the front man for his 90’s punk band, The Thangs. I guess it makes me feel good at least that someone is trying to sell it. Then I scott biram truck that with production it was the best acoustic song on the record. Scott biram truck February he released his third album, Lo-fi Mojorecorded live on the radio in Austin, Texas.

What is it symbolic of? He has also appeared as himself in several films and documentaries.

Scott H. Biram

It hurts like a mutherfucker. Subsequently, it was re-released with a few changes in when Biram signed with Bloodshot Records from Chicago, Illinois. Games Movies TV Wikis. His music has been featured scott biram truck many American television shows and films.

Underline the old because the new shit sucks. I was contemplating my own suicide!