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Do you grab either of the latest bad boys or are the older cards a better punt for your pound? All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property of their respective holders. Let’s take a look at what Sapphire puts in the package for us to get the most out of our purchase. So the heat from the GPU, memory and other components is carried away by the vapor chamber together with three heatpipes and heatsinks cooled by a thermally controlled fan venting outside the case. True PC gamers and enthusiasts will appreciate the Sapphire HD Toxic Edition’s outstanding cooling improvements over the regular stock version.

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Despite the strength of the 1GB card, it wasn’t all plain sailing for AMD — the graphics card market has been an incredibly volatile place for the past six months or so and the two rivals have traded blow after blow in a fight for supremacy.

Sapphire RADEON HD graphics card Specs – CNET

HD series User Guide Multi language. Please check with your regional distributor or dealer for latest specifications. In my mind it would be crazy to pass up this card at this current price or even if you wait just a bit for the next price drops. The only thing your money buys, in fact, is speed.

Read on to find out! The world was turned upside down with the relesae of the ATI Read on to find out how it gets on The last few weeks have been full of blood, sweat and BIOS revisions in the bit-tech benchmarking sweatshop.


The Radeon HD series has been on a roll ever since rsdeon release. Against Not earth-shattering performance Lots of competition. But it can go bigger: The compromise is that when the CCC controls the fan speeds the temperatures never hit 70C and peaked at 67C in my testing.

It has built an overclocked dual slot, dual fan, dual BIOS card which even packs in a fantastically old school turbo switch!

Core i7 Christmas ’08 Graphics Performance.

Editor’s Choice One of the best things about getting a Sapphire Branded graphics card is all the dang stuff you get with it! ATI shows that it can be the leader again.

I haven’t seen a price to performance value like this since the first GTs. Editor’s Choice Sapphire continues to be innovative and brings new cards to the open market for consumers to pick.

How does your card perform? The card’s performance is sapphire ati radeon hd 4870 for its price. Sapphire UK Price as reviewed: Editor’s Choice The card’s performance is groundbreaking for its price. It passed all of our strenuous exams ato every difficult benchmark at every resolution with DX 10 and Pure dos flash tool – atiflash.

Written by Tim Smalley.

Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 1GB Toxic |

rradeon HD series User Guide Multi language. Sapphire has a real winner on its hands here and presents a card that I feel is the best graphics card going right now considering cost-to-performance ratio sapphire ati radeon hd 4870 two of these are cheaper than a GTX and beat the crap out of it. All trademarks and logos are acknowledged as the property of their respective holders.


The X2 should be pretty impressive, but I doubt it will be even close to this price point per performance. The conclusion which we’re drawn to is that the bit bus is just too narrow for the super-fast memory, and there’s not a lot of headroom for the RV architecture to go faster.

sapphire ati radeon hd 4870

Let’s take a look at what Sapphire puts in the package for us to get the most out of our sapphire ati radeon hd 4870. Specifications provided here are for guidance only. HD is definitely an incredibly impressive card that beats Nvidia’s best except for the GTXoffers more in support and features with Direct X The second is that neither our home-brew affair nor the factory charged Asus one had any significant improvements over a standard card — indeed both were occasionally radeoj.