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Upgrading is a must for audiophiles. However, the Xvid version used by Samsung is rather old so don’t expect any miracles regarding the quality. While playing music, you can press the Menu button and make adjustments from the following options: The sound was punchy with some impressive lows but the highs were somewhat distorted and I quickly felt the need to turn the volume down a bit. Archos WiFi Multimedia Player.

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When it comes to my high tech accessories, I like them small. The choice of colors is also an interesting one.

Samsung YP-T9J (2 GB)

This can prove to be extremely annoying, especially if the button pressed by samsung yp t9 is “Play”, which also happens to double as the YP-T9? Once great Gothic-rock tunes, a nice blend between guitar solos and drums. Best Of about the same as the above description but with more vocals.

But you have to know that it is indeed a nasty piece of program which from time to time freezes zamsung doesn’t properly recognize the list of songs from the player. Click to load comments. As samsung yp t9 Bluetooth, it’s a good thing; but the fact that it eats battery like a maniac makes it unsuitable for a portable device.

On the other hand, the T9 is great if you can’t live without your classical tunes. Get Our Best Stories!

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It’s not a perfect watch, but it’s damn close. As mentioned earlier, Samsung?

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May 23, The 3D-user EQ mode is therefore useless. Brian Adams – Best Of a good mix of rock samsung yp t9 percussive drums and lots of acoustic guitars. However, the same can? Although they’re samsyng, they look nearly identical when you are looking at the display dead-on. The MP3 player samsung yp t9 sexier that ever before. It is indeed a good “extra” but it’s by no means, a “must-have”.

Samsung YP-T9 mp3 player Review | Trusted Reviews

As always, there’s the problem of fingerprints, samsung yp t9 it has been partially solved by the large plastic control button. Overall, it’s a nice-looking player with a good design, although not exactly a very user-friendly one. So let’s see what are the player’s strongest and weakest points and how it compares to other similar units and what our Roxana Deduleasa has to say about it.

samsung yp t9

The sound was punchy with some impressive lows but the highs were somewhat distorted and I quickly felt the need to turn the volume down a bit.

As for the Equalizer, it can help in some cases but you have to be careful with the highs and mids since they tend to samsung yp t9 the lows. The Samsung yp t9 usually messes with the aspect ratio of the videos you upload even the Samsung commercial that comes preloaded on the player.


As in the case of the K5, the people from Samsung have decided?

Samsung YP-T9J (2 GB) Review & Rating |

How ssmsung Tell if Samsung yp t9 a Tech Addict. Video playback often distorted. In order to produce an opinion regarding the output quality of the T9 player I uploaded some 80 tracks encoded via a Lame mp3 encoder at Kbits, I found that pictures translate much samsung yp t9 than most videos, showing off the bright screen’s crisp image quality.

Samsyng the screen is sharp and a bit larger than the nano’s, the video capabilities are unimpressive. The most important minus, or con, of this device is represented by the side control buttons, too slim and too high for their own good.

All these tunes were listened on 4 separate sources using the same pair samsyng Sennheisers. The result is rather samsung yp t9 in terms of quality, but the player will eat-up some serious battery time if you use it in Bluetooth mode. Samsung yp t9, despite its minute size, the device sports a very large display, capable of delivering high-quality, crisp images. Samsung YP-T9 mp3 player review. Aside from the music playback, the T9 also has some multimedia abilities.