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It isn’t without its flaws, but overall the unit looks great, sounds great and sits at a price point that, while not a bargain, will still appeal. Using either an MP3 track from your collection or a series of alarm tones, you need only set the time and leave it in speaker mode to utilise the clock. The radio function worked well, finding a wide array of stations at stable signal strengths. What’s great about this is that the speaker is designed in such a way that it angles itself up, not only propping the face of the player at an ideal viewing angle, but pointing the speakers up and forward so as to direct the sound at the listener. Navigate through the menu options easily; music is conveniently catalogued in various folders, allowing you to quickly locate your tune of choice amongst the volumes of albums stored internally. They work like a touchpad and are rather sensitive and prone to accidental presses.

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The Good The Samsung YP-K5 features a unique and stylish design with a built-in, slide-out speaker, and the interface is stunning; includes an FM radio and cool visual effects. Slide-out Speaker The K5 is a lightweight personal music player with built-in stereo speakers that slide out for large sound when you want samsung yp k5 share your music with others.

Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, The bottom samsung yp k5 of the player houses the headphone jack and a proprietary USB port.

The radio function worked well, finding a wide array of stations at stable signal strengths. We got clear, samsung yp k5 sound across all genres of music. While designed, when using with the accompanying headphones, for use in portrait – ie with the screen at the top, sliding out the samsung yp k5 makes the display automatically rotate so you can see and use it more easily see pictures.


Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. It is also Microsoft PlaysForSure certified so your music library can be organised and uploaded using Windows Media Player, the Samsung proprietary software Media Centre 5 or simply via drag and drop.

Advanced MP3 Players Samsung YP-K5 1GB MP3 Player (B Grade)

With innovative features and a great design, the YP-K5 is a high quality audio player that will make your friends envious. The K5 is samsung yp k5 than just a premium music player.

It’s a very hip idea, though I’m not quite sure people will pay a premium for the integrated speaker. Samsung’s latest MP3 Player holds a dark secret.

Samsung YP-K5 1GB MP3 Player

The controls are lit in neon blue, and only become apparent when the unit is powered up. Perfect for the active, outdoorsy, hip and samsung yp k5 lifestyle, the K5 is a fashionable accessory that will revolutionize wamsung personal and shared audio experiences.

A gentle glide of the thumb slides out the speakers, which angle themselves perfectly to create a stereo system that sits comfortably on any table for all to hear. On closer inspection the front samsung yp k5 is actually split into two areas, the touch sensitive buttons and a small 1.

Memories of 25, Days – Photo Album. The screen is a 1.

Samsung YP-K5

As you shuttle through the options, the dots morph into the next image. Charge in seconds, last months and power over the air.

An anomaly that warrants a mention is the way that the volume switches between the headphones and the speakers. Compare These Cowon Plenue samsung yp k5. The bass levels were good for a device without a subwoofer and the treble range was impressive considering the lack of a tweeter.


Canton Premium InCeiling Loudspeakers. The slider samsung yp k5 seems sturdy enough, though, and the device makes a great travel alarm clock The playback screen is dominated by a large EQ graphic, below which song information scrolls you also get py battery meter and a time-elapsed counter on this screen.

Music to the Max. How to get the best best Black Friday deals in the UK. The transition between different menus was fast and moving back to previous areas was just as effortless. Facebook shares plunge after samsung yp k5 of slowing growth. This guarantees great volume, no distortion, and a more natural and accurate higher quality sound, even with just two small speakers.

Samsung YP-K5 Review & Rating |

The Bottom Line The Samsung YP-K5 is a unique MP3 player with a fun interface and great sound quality; it may be bulky around the middle, samsung yp k5 it’s an excellent choice if you want to share samsung yp k5 tunes at the drop of a dime. The included headphones sounded reasonably good, though using a high-end set would definitely be beneficial. Things like this seem small but when combined as a whole, they add a touch of sophistication that sets the YP-K5 apart.

It’s just a little visual effect, but it adds a certain flair to the K5 and makes it fun to use.