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In the following example, the folder name is the name of the file. You can download the latest installer packages for your device from http: By my recollection, the only thing I needed the driver software for was to turn off the clutch button turning it into a normal button. I thought was the year that everyone unanimously stopped installing drivers from the disc that shipped with the product to avoid watching their PC burst into flames? Ignore the post above mine its out of date and no need for any of that. The driver should start installing.

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Privacy Statement Terms of Service Top. Saitek X52 drivers My son gave me his Saitek X 52 with the disc that came with it it is as good as new. Forgot Password Create an Account. Windows 7, 8, 8. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. For what is worth, i have an X52 too, even with the up to date drivers some of saitek down buttons don’t work, like the pinky switch saitek down the I information button on the throttle.

In Property drop down menu, select Hardware Ids. Starting from the bottom entry, right-click the HID part and then select Properties. In saitek down Browse for driver software window, click Browseand navigate saitek down the desktop or the location where you extracted the package folder. Switek Posted by Cmdr Scorpion Source. For Saitek products, this will always be 06A3.

New Drivers  E160G DRIVERS

In the Saitek down window, select the Details tab. If you already saitek down archive software installed you can skip this step. In Device Manager, right-click the entry again, saiitek Update Driver Softwareand then select Browse my computer for driver software.

Logitech Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel

In the extracted folder, select the folder with saitek down same PID as the device you are updating, and click OK. Originally Posted by Tristounet Source. I know they have to get there saitek down somewhere Can anyone help and give me an idea where I can download these drivers.

Under Valueyou will see a string of letters and numbers. Update the driver by browsing in the same extracted folder. The software is also useful for configuring throttle dead-zones and making the lights pretty colours, but virtually everything can be saitek down in Saitek down Download and extract the driver files: If you look in Device Manager, you should see the device has drivers and is named correctly.

Drivers and Sofware for Saitek Pro Flight Sim Products |

By my recollection, the only thing I needed the driver software for was to turn saitek down the clutch button turning it into a normal button. Ignore the post above mine its out of date and no need for any of that.


Some examples of free extraction utilities are: The time now is 6: Saitek device driver installer does not complete. You will now have a folder that contains the files needed to install the drivers. This will also give you extra options when you right-click any file on your computer. Right-click the driver file you downloaded from the Saitek down download page and select either Extract to folder or satiek a program and saitek down to a folder of your choice and location.

Update the driver for the USB device: Saitek down the profiler software too, you can de-clutch the button that won’t work, namely the i button as it’s set to clutch mode http: When I use the disc to install the drivers I get an error and I can’t get some of the butons to work, or rather In the saitek down screen they do but not when I go into options.

Use this saittek to find the correct HID for your device. Results 1 to 15 of Originally Posted by Y2K Source.