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Finisher punch motor error The punch HP sensor is not activated within the specified time after the punch motor turned on. Send scanned files directly by e-mail or to a dedicated network folder. In addition, various scanning possibilities enable you to communicate information throughout your office in a snap. Transfer belt contact motor error The transfer belt HP sensor detects incorrect movement of the transfer belt after the transfer belt contact motor has turned on. Check and reset the modem board setting with SP

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Printer font error A necessary ricoh 5000b is not found in the SD card. Fusing motor error The IOB does not receive the lock signal for 2 seconds after turning on the fusing motor.

Delete All error 2: Vsg adjustment error Vsg is more than 4. Ricoh 5000b lamp error For ridoh paper feed unit: Install the correct BICU for this model. External authentication module error This SC is generated if the external authentication is enabled and following condition occurs: Drum motor error The machine ricoh 5000b a lock signal error from the drum motor for 2 seconds after the drum motor turned on.

Booklet stapler motor error 1 The 1st detection failure causes a jam error, and the 2nd failure causes this SC code. Transfer belt contact motor error The transfer belt HP sensor detects incorrect movement of the transfer belt after the transfer belt contact motor has turned ricoh 5000b. Shift motor error The shift motor HP sensor does not detect riclh change for 1. Gicoh synchronizing detection ricoh 5000b The upper tray paper height sensor does not change its status with the specified ricoh 5000b after the tray raises or lowers.


Aficio MP 4000/4000B/5000/5000B

Delete All error 1: Fusing lamp consecutive full power 1 After warm-up the fusing lamp remains at full ricoh 5000b for 15 seconds without the hot roller rotating. Original stopper HP errorWhen the pick-up motor turns on clockwise, the original stopper HP sensor does ricoh 5000b detect the home position of the original stopper. rich

White ricoh 5000b detection error The white level cannot be adjusted within the target during auto gain control. This occurs three times.

These include data encryption, IP filtering and various types of authentication. Finisher jogger motor error The jogger fences move out of the home position but the HP sensor output does not change within the specified number of pulses. If the ridoh power switch is turned on when the paper is already at the ficoh height, the paper height position is detected again.

Version error The version of the external authentication module is not correct. Return roller motor error This occurs during the operation of the lower tray pressure motor. Fatal kernel error Due to a control error, a RAM overflow occurred during system processing. Replace the controller ricoh 5000b. Black and WhiteManufacturersRefurbishedRicoh.

Bridge unit error The machine recognizes the ircoh, but does not recognize the bridge ricoh 5000b. Punch movement motor error The punch unit moves but is not detected at the home ricoh 5000b within the specified time.

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That is why the Ricoh Ricoh 5000b MP focus on user-friendly operation and professional finishing.

For the sheet booklet finisher The front stapler unit saddle-stitch motor does ricih start operation within the specified time. The paper was late and the fusing exit sensor could not detect the paper three times. ricoh 5000b

Address book data error The address book data cannot be read from the HDD, SD card ricoh 5000b flash ROM on ricoh 5000b controller where it is stored, or the data read from the media is defective. Transfer belt bias error The feed back bias from the transfer belt is more than 4V for 60 msec while the transfer belt bias is output.

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ON timeout The polygon mirror motor does not reach the targeted operating speed within 10 sec. Data transfer does not execute normally while data is being written to the HDD. The ricoh 5000b detection failure issues a jam error, ricoh 5000b the 2nd failure issues this SC code.