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ReverseEagle; my cat.

The long fight for online privacy; cats; poetry.

I’m trying to write more these days, which seems to be quite the challenge. Nevertheless, I will persevere 🙂

It’s been an envigorating few days.

A few months back, I, and a few good friends, had started a project: ReverseEagle. The goal of our project is to take Google’s proprietary code out of FOSS.

It all started from a Reddit post, in r/privacy, to be exact. People were interested in our idea, so we set up our own little community, and a new website. Gaining more and more attention, ReverseEagle is really turning into something that could challenge Google.

It’s been a dangerous few days.

Needless to say, Google have the power to censor information in a snap. We’re not sure where this leaves us, an honest organization that challenges Google’s influence, but we’ll see what happens.

Looking at my cat has taught me one thing: while something can look passive, they can certainly fight. She hasn’t fought in a while, but we have the occasional game where I throw the biscuits, and she runs after them. She’s a fighter.

I think my cat is a good example of how something can be so gentle and calm. I’d like to be more like my cat, minus the constant sleeping. If only everyone was like my cat.

We call her ‘Puss’, which is rather poetic when you think about it. Simple, but very imaginative.

It’s been a fun few days.