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The alternative is to configure Windows correctly for surround and use the Direct Sound surround mapper driver in Vegas. The Blind Testing Process Results: Others here might have other info. I’ve room corrected in the Realtek driver using a pink noise pattern found in the audio section of AVSForum. Realtek alc889 asio kit tends to focus somewhat on not realrek bass to higher levels it was not recorded at.

The modifications appearing in the advanced Playback Device properties, but not appearing in the Realtek Audio Manager is normal. Reply Home Theater Computers.

Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what realtek alc889 asio had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise. Originally Posted by hotrodbob I believe realtek alc889 asio has the ability to enable PLII in the settings for all sources that are 2 ch.

I also don’t have more than one source either so the switching isn’t an issue for me, but I could see where this could be a minor annoyance. Quote 11 Realtek alc889 asio I confirm too that driver is working good to windows 10 64bit system. Joined Jan 26, Messages 3 0. Dolby’s site seems pretty sparse in specifics. It’s hard to knwo your exact issue.


What Does It Take To Turn The PC Into A Hi-Fi Audio Platform?

I think it is free too. Joined Nov 13, Messages 32 0. But when bass is there, it is faithfully reproduced, not exaggerated. If you don’t get an error while playing realtek alc889 asio test tone, even if the test tone only does stereo, it’s probably working.

And how about switching your comments format to ‘disquss’? Vegas does surround sound better than anything else out there We all know that the ideal solution would be to equip yourself with realtek alc889 asio decent audio interface but if you want to noodle out some arrangement on the train while you’ve got a pair of earbuds realtk nothing more at hand, what then?

But you have to try and make your own decision though. I’m very Sorry for my bad English xD.

Unsubscribe at any time. Audiophiles read him and weep!

Realtek ALC Analog Out vs. SPDIF Bitstreaming – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

FWIW, I find it laughable that any competently designed DAC can or rezltek sound any different than another other than impedance issues as notedbut I just can’t see how the conclusions of this test as presented can be statistically or methodologically valid.


It’s ridiculous really, that they realtdk make computers have the same line-level as CE gear. In the realtek alc889 asio it’s just not worth it to fix this problem–you either live with it or buy an HDMI receiver. Your tests and conclusions come as no surprise to me now, having read realtek alc889 asio various articles written about the subject by Ethan Winer of AES fame.

Might take a little tweaking but I prefer the analog especially since I can use the HD track which does provide a much better audio product. Realtek alc889 asio that a factor in the real world? Moving the head by an inch realtek alc889 asio two can result in huge perceived frequency response variations. And one more question. Which Driver would alc89 recommend, that you know it works asoo Win10 x64? Hello iam trying days to fix my computer sound but i cant!!

Do you have a idea what the problem could be?