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Normally to use a lightweight clip you are tethered to the big volt battery in your flight box, but this setup is much more convenient. Pressing the ON switch starts the power ramp-up. I asked for 5 minutes and they were happy to make it so! I cut my cable, added a connector and now I use the type of glow clip that best suits my engine. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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Over 2 of those years were in a hobby shop environment under constant use breaking in RC car engines.

Originally Posted by tomme21 rcats lithium glow connector is the shortest one ive ever seen, no rcats lithium glow could that short thing reach in my cowls and reach my plug. There is also an upcoming modification, due lithlum summer, that some users might find of benefit: The battery and charging circuitry are integrated into the unit itself.


Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but I”ve spent more on items that were less useful.

Ralph Weaver Registered User. Aug 31, That’s way more than a typical season’s worth.

I asked them for a longer “on time”, 90 seconds wasn’t enough kithium the occasional balky engine. Rcats lithium glow charge mine at the start of the season and maybe once during the summer. Channels Airplanes Electric Flight.

Once this version starts shipping, this delay will be turned on or off by a switch inside the case. I’ve had one of these for rcats lithium glow years and wouldn’t be without it.

Discuss this article Printer-friendly version All articles by this author. May 28, Rcats lithium glow Posted by tomme21 I got a brain! Apr 15, It automatically adjusts the current to get enough heat to the plug.

This thing is on my Xmas wish list. May lithhium, To be safe you might want to charge it twice a year.

RCAT Systems – Radio Control Products

Me quick, stretch into a monster! Without wanting to sound too pedantic, it doesn’t quite work like this. Glow engine in a foamie. Oct 15, The rcats lithium glow other parts are the 5V wall-wart to power the charger and the optional and recommended protective “glove” case.


RCATS Smart Lithium Glow Driver (Long)

Source of Lithium Ion batteries rcats lithium glow the UK? So why would you order the one with the short connector? Dec 03, Apr 19, Apr 17, You’d want the one with the long connector.

Sep 05, Rcats lithium glow Posted by Ralph Weaver So why would you order the one with the short connector? Originally Posted by GlowFly Without wanting to sound too pedantic, it doesn’t quite work like this.