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I think the problem might be in my interfaces setting. If that works, then we will know that something on your target image is “confused”. Operation not supported Thanks in advance! Nadir 4 years ago getting invalid argument error. Fifer 5 years ago One other comment:

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nnl80211 Can anyone help us?? The problem is more likely to be an issue with your dhcp service I think I used dnsmasq. The AP is seen in the wifi list of other devices. I followed your instructions religiously and the access point shows up on my wifi search bar, but once I submit the password it fails to connect and “connection time-out” appears.

Steve 5 years ago Many thanks. With the newest Rasbian image and all updates the hostapd fails to autostart.

wifi – Pi3b vs hostapd: invalid/unknown driver ‘nl’ – Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange

Thu May 18, 6: Working in Ghana at the moment so really need some online help!! Since we are building our own hostapd version, remove the original hostapd you might have installed:. Sudo service hostapd arspberry gives me an error.


Have you overcome similar? Thank you very much! If I execute “iwconfig wlan0 mode master” there is no error, so I guess master mode is supported I think the problem might be in my interfaces setting.

Hatschi ; this guide http: Hello Jens, that looked very smart to me and I installed your version of hostapd. Lightyou should ask the Raspberri Pi forums: Could not set interface to master mode! Andreas 4 years ago sorry failed to add the error message: This is the second solution with a hostap modified for RTL Edimax in my case i found, and the first to work.

Operation not supported no longer happens and I daspberry connect to the network. Following a few blog posts on the web, I installed hostapd, but was always presented with the following error:. Output van een normaal werkende hostapd zou helpful zijn ; Thanks!

Torsten 4 years ago Hi Jens, I did your setup some months ago but I am now trying to do again. I had this working before I had an sdcard go bad.


N80211 am using my raspi as an access point with AirPlay in my car. Jens Segers 5 years ago MarkI did not encounter a similar problem. Odroid-time 4 months ago Hi, thanks for this repo, I didn’t find it on the realtek site.

Raspberry Pi 3 – Configuring it as wireless access point -AP Mode

Now I just need to persuade udhcpd to play ball! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Stopping advanced IEEE Now i meet another problem.

Edit this configuration file and start the hostapd service:. Why are you running such an old kernel? Bruno Grassi Pietroski 3 years ago Thank you, your tutorial is very helpful!