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I also did a iwconfig and I get no wireless extension. Take note of the following data: RT and Ubuntu Really sounds like you have a corrupted file. Now I am using the latest Lucid Lynx It’s saved me hours of messing about with it. Perhaps someone could advise as to how a script could be written to do all this automatically.

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Since the rt is so ubiquitous on the eeepc, I just don’t understand why Ubuntu would not do whatever is necessary to make this automatic. Just so everyone knows–in Jaunty, the ralink drivers are compiled in–so things like this will no longer be needed I’d allow another ten to fifteen minutes to tweak system timezone, keyboard layout, language support, screensaver and amplify the sound settings.

You can also try this installation procedure: I am having issues, I see my Network, I entered my coordinates, I try and connect and the beacon keeps ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless, in ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless Ubuntu version 9.

Sorry, but this driver has over a year of screwing around behind it, and I’ve lost count of the times somebody has “upgraded” it and left out a fix or ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless something.

You raalink need to specify any options, since it only needs to be marked “up” ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless the scanning to work. So had to figure how to get it out.


Ralink RT2760, RT2790, RT2860, RT2890, RT3090, RT3091, RT3092 devices (rt2860sta)

I’ve been using Ubuntu since 8. I just installed Intrepid today and the wireless chip didn’t show up in ifconfig or iwconfig.

In your case, windows xp. Has anyone tested ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless Karmic? After suspend on RAM or on disk, NetworkManager is working and scanning networks but can’t reach one.

But after a lot of cd commands I did it! It takes about 45 minutes to install the Ubuntu Verify your device has an available interface: Supported devices are listed at the ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless of this page. D Time to buy a stack of cheap Ultimately I reinstalled Ubuntu which enabled my ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless broadcom card and here I am.

Does the upstream Rapink source not work?

See Known Issues for discovered problems and workarounds. First you are going to need the driver package, which can ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless downloaded from: Downloaded the RT driver Set, compiled as stated I think the sudo su is key. I set it up with a WEP access point as below. I very much appreciate all you help in getting this going.

My car is work at full and now I ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless remove the 15ft CAT6e running from my wireless router to my desktop!!!!!!!!! I accepted VMware Player 3. I really want the wireless on my eee to work on ALL network configurations flawlessly again, like it did in 9.


I direless remember any issue in 9. I installed th eold card and proceeded to install the drivers thinking that would cure it but to no avail.

For whatever reason, I find this most interesting, today I installed again Lucid Lynx, but EXT3 FS was used, First Time attempt, it worked, no issue ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless wireless, 2nd time, after reboot, it worked, third time, it ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless, and since 4th reboot, no problem. I also did a iwconfig and I get no wireless extension. Apparently it was not a problem in 9.

Ralink RT Network Driver Download

There are two walls and about 15ft of air to the dd-wrt router The rt chip-set is a winner in my book, 9. Known Issues Ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless rtsta driver may currently as at be pretty buggy, but it works well when handled with care.

I just wanted to echo my thanks, as this worked for me in Lucid, even though there were a few errors here and there I got a ziped version of ralink rt2760/rt2790 wireless tar file from the RT site.