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Here, we try to help you understand the various types of laptops and their purpose. Some laptops you ll find creak or feel cheap when you lift the screen , the R50 suffers no such issues. The Thinklight does what it is meant to do. You can unsubscribe at any time. We will get back to you shortly. The LAN performance of the notebook using the built-in Ethernet port is very good.

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Performance of the R50 we looked at was on r50 ibm thinkpad par with systems we’ve tested in the past thhinkpad other vendors that used similar components: If you press and hold the scroll lock, you can then scroll up and down a document or page by r50 ibm thinkpad the TrackPoint up or down.

I ended up using the top left corner of the TrackPad to simulate the Windows key. The ThinkPad R50 used in this review has the following configuration: Encoding performed in VDubmod r50 ibm thinkpad. Manage your location profiles, IP, Encryption and Access levels with a single program. Athlon XP 2.

IBM ThinkPad R50 TJ07RUK Review | Trusted Reviews

He is also a contributing editor of PC Magazine. IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System monitors your notebook orientation and movement in real-time and r50 ibm thinkpad the hard disk head in response to sudden movements Battery Life Battery life is another strong point of this laptop. UK Group by email. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. Important keys like R50 ibm thinkpad, Backspace and Shift are all large for ease of use, while the cursor keys are laid out in r50 ibm thinkpad correct configuration and dropped slightly down from the main keyboard.


I attribute this superior performance at least in part to the 1 MB L2 cache on the Centrino processor.

The native resolution is 1, x 1, which is pretty standard for a notebook screen this size. These are the specs of the machines in the test: Both are slightly bulkier than the 1. You can buy either direct from IBM or from various online retailers.

We use cookies and other similar technologies Cookies to enhance your experience and to provide you with relevant content r50 ibm thinkpad ads. The R Series of notebooks from IBM used to parade r50 ibm thinkpad a budget class, that s no longer the case, the R Series is in fact quite close to the high-end T Series in performance and specs.

Please realize that the ThinkPad R50 was not designed to be a music machine though, you ll need decent speakers to hook up via the headphone out jack to get really good sound. Typing on the R50 for extended periods is a joy, with great feedback from r50 ibm thinkpad key depression. Help us fill the void.

IBM ThinkPad R50 Review

Photoshop resizing and filters, a commonly used application that puts a system to the test, were likewise very fast — I credit this to the SSE and SSE2 optimizations that have been done with Photoshop SSE and SSE2 r50 ibm thinkpad a type of instruction set used by certain Intel processors, if applications are written r50 ibm thinkpad optimized for SSE then they will run much r50 ibm thinkpad. Here, we try to help you understand the various types of laptops and their purpose.


We were able to maintain a 5 Mbps connection 60 feet from the access point, falling to just over 1 MBps at feet, the most distance measurement point.

Each profile has different settings for AC and battery, and you can set r50 ibm thinkpad times, hard disk and monitor shutdown, screen brightness and CPU speed Very slow, Slow, Normal, Adaptive and Maximum. The ingenuineness of this review appears doubtful. I can touch type though not on a professional levelbut anytime I need to find a key in the dark, the LCD screen has provided enough light for me to see by. R50 ibm thinkpad could not hear the hard thinkpas spinning against ambient noise in my home.

IBM THINKPAD R50 Reviews, Specification, Battery, Price

In the meantime, I amaze and astound my friends with the 3D real-time position readout! The LAN performance of the notebook using the built-in Ethernet port is very good.

It illuminates the keyboard in dark settings. IBM makes high-quality notebooks, but unfortunately they tend to carry a correspondingly high price.

Upload photo files with. Thinklight The Thinklight does r50 ibm thinkpad it is meant to do. The R50 ibm thinkpad is a joy to use. Based on these results it is seen that the 1.