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One highlight of the QHY5V is that it has a global shutter instead of a rolling one. Still, first time since April I’ve managed any deep sky, so actually, I’m pleased I even remembered how to set it all up. Instructions were provided for downloading the driver and control software from the internet and, despite one small hiccup, we were up and running relatively quickly. Clear Skies Terry www. A positive is the virtual, onscreen keyboard that allows you to type with your mouse when entering a capture file name. Autoguided using QHY5V autoguider.

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I hope to add more data if and when we next have clear skies. Bearing in mind the amount of recent solar activity, I was surprised at the small number of spots visible. Sign in with Twitter. It has better electronics with better frame readout etc.

I just upped the contrast with a curve on my lunar mosaics and the lines disappeared. Wich is only a good thing especially for people on a budget. I’ve yet to try it on Qhy5c, but I’ll bear that in mind While Tom is still busting his butt off getting the drivers into a Beta state.

QHY5V Review | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

Jupiterdriz01anno by George Roberts. Callibrated with a frame AVI both for darks and flats.


This is a composite of of frames of mono data captured with a QHY5v, and of frames of colour data captured with an SPC There’s a couple of issues, I’ve got some odd diffraction spikes, out of a refractor … and it appears I have a little field rotation going on not seen that beforeguess my polar alignment was a bit poor.

I’ve had them, and managed to work around them in processing for Lunar and planetary well the one image of Mars We use cookies to improve your experience of our website. You can download it here. As I run Windows 7 on all my machines.

This is 1 hour, un cropped and shot at ISO. It’s even more interesting. One of my best solar images: As workaround till it gets fixed in the software. It more and more draws the suspicion that it might also be the Windows 7 drivers.

Stacking it allow you to get a lot of details. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

This is not going to be fixed any time soon. I tried this Saturday Sunday morning to do my very first capture on Jupiter, but the seeing conditions were just too horrible. I’ve not had that in the bit companding mode of QGVideo32 though, but I’ve found the dynamic range is much reduced, and that can cause exposure problems with the moon as the moon has a high dynamic range.


The galaxy and its companion NGC are easily observed by amateur astronomers, and the two galaxies may even be seen with binoculars. Because it might start pushing the prices of CCD’s further down in the near future. Thanks for looking, Clear Skies and happy shooting folks Terry Hancock www.

Explore Trending More More. Edited July 11, by johnh. A positive is the virtual, onscreen keyboard that allows you to type with your mouse when entering a capture file name.

QHY5v Monochrome Guide / Imaging Camera With ST-4 Cable

M31 by Campbell Muir. A 93 Pane Mosaic of the Waxing Gibbous moon. Let hope that it will be only better and prices won’t rise.

When on – they turned up in the stack. A dark avi of frames was used during the processing of each pane.