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The width of each character cell varies with the width of the character. Raise the printer cover. Setting the Paper Length 5. ENTER is also used for starting and stopping printer tests and generating a configuration printout. Close the tractor doors. Printer Dimensions – Pedestal Model The cpi can then be varied, but the width will not change.

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Turns on bold print. When set to Top-of-Line, text will be positioned at the top of the line space. With the ribbon to the outside, place the full spool on the right hub.

For cabinet models, remove the stacked paper from the rear cabinet floor. Make sure the printer power switch is set to O Off. Attach P50005b Control Panel Overlays Install Basic Components The following procedures describe how to attach the printed overlays to the control panel and install the printer ribbon and paper.

All host commands are ignored by the printer. Printer Dimensions 25 in.

The printer interface is the point lrintronix the data line from the host computer plugs into the printer. ENTER is also used for starting and stopping printer tests and generating a configuration printout. Hold the paper in place with one hand to prevent it from slipping down through the paper slot while pulling it through from above with your other hand.


Prints the current log of errors.

Printronix P5005B User Manual

Loading the Ribbon 4. A form feed command at any other position is recognized as a space. Chapter 4 Configuration Overview Changing And Saving Parameter Settings You may change a printer parameter setting, such as line spacing or forms length, either by pressing keys on the control panel or by sending emulation control codes in the data stream from a host attached to the printer.

The printer controls the flow of communication from the host by turning the transmission on and off using response characters sent to the host. Load The Paper Load The Paper When you start this procedure, verify that the printer cover is open, the forms thickness printfonix is raised, and the tractor doors printgonix open. Page 88 Chapter 3 Operational Procedures The name you enter for a configuration will be used in the Load Config.

Press down on the spool until the hub latch snaps in place. Printing A Hex Dump Printing A Hex Dump A hex code printout or hex dump is a translation of all host interface data to its hexadecimal equivalent, listing all ASCII character data received from the host computer with their corresponding two-digit hexadecimal codes. Load The Paper Figure If a fault condition exists, pressing this key will clear the fault message and return the printer from fault mode to offline mode.


The PGL parameters are described on the following pages.

Printronix Printer Drivers – Downloads | Printronix

Printer Dimensions – Pedestal Model Column zero is defined as the far left edge of the page, and column numbering increments from left to right. Troubleshooting Cleaning Requirements Clean the printer every six months or after every hours of operation, whichever occurs first. The barcodes are printed at lower resolution but at a higher speed. Page 51 Load The Paper Figure Cabinet Models Strap Figure Page Interfaces Overview This chapter describes the host interfaces provided with the printer.

The printer pfintronix print normally. This procedure reloads paper without removing the last sheet of the old paper supply, while retaining the current top-of-form setting. Fault messages are summarized in Table The A-B-C scale corresponds approximately to 1- 3- and 6-part paper thickness. Locate the cable routing notch in the lower left corner of the back of the cabinet.