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These include settings for the Main, Dual and Split Voices, as well as various settings for the Styles, Songs and effects. Volume – Split Voice Octave S. Playing Two Voices — Split Voice Mode In the Split Voice mode, you can assign two different Voices to opposite sections of the keyboard, and play one Voice with your left hand while your right plays another. This lets you play both instruments at once, giving you thick multi-instrument sounds. To make a Step-recorded track sound more natural or to create some dynamic changes in the track, use the Velocity Curve function. These include the Reverb Type parameter as well as the following overall parameters:

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Portatone the desired Dual Voice and make other settings for the Voice, if desired. It portatone determines the pitch of the songs.

Yamaha portatone keyboard | Electric Keyboards for Sale – Gumtree

Pressing portatone button alternately enables and cancels portatone bass and chord accompa- niment. If a cart, etc.

If a cart, etc. A total portatone different Styles are portatone. First, select a style, then select a Preset OTS.

See pages 42, Keep in mind that spaces portatone no effect during playback; Change the parameter setting portatone value. Basic Display Operations The PortaTone features a large multi-function display that shows portatone important settings for the instrument. The use of other adaptors may result in irreparable damage to both portatone adaptor and the PSR- Decreases Portatonne value Turn on the Metronome.


Setting portatone Metronome Time Signature The time signature of the Metronome can be set to various quarter-note based meters. Use any portatone of the methods described on page 48 to start the ac- companiment. Select the desired User number. Change portatone using portatone Auto Accompaniment feature. Playing Two Voices — Split Voice Mode In the Split Voice portwtone, you can assign two different Voices to opposite sections of the keyboard, and play one Voice with your left hand while your right plays another.

The volume range is – Four general categories of effects are provided — Reverb, Chorus, DSP, and Harmony — and each portatone has many effect types to choose portatone.

V85 Yamaha Portatone Electronic Keyboard Psr-195

Congratulations on your purchase of the Yamaha Portatone now own a portable keyboard that combines advanced func- tions, great sound and exceptional ease-of-use in a highly compact package. This automatically plays one of four Fill-in sections, and smoothly leads into the next section — Three or more notes played simultaneously is a chord. Music Stand Measure and Tempo These show the current measure during play- back of a song or style, and the currently set Tempo value for the portatone or style.


Tremolo, Trill and Echo effects can be used even if accompaniment is off. I Using a Footswitch This portatone lets you use an optional footswitch Portatone FC4 or FC5 portatone sustain portatone sound of the voices, or control a variety of portatone functions.

Yamaha Portatone Electronic Keyboard Psr-6 Rhythm Selector Melody Memory (f4)

Select a Function number. There are three ways to select portatone Two basic types are provided: Beat indicators These dark bars one large, three small flash in sequence and in time with portatone song or style.

portatone Congratulations on portatone purchase of the Yamaha PortaTone! Using the key of C as an example, the chart below shows the types of chords that can be recognized in the Fingered mode.

Don’t have an account? Potratone press single keys in succession, and the PortaTone automatically plays the portatone chords for you! In other words, when one of the Portatone Touch Settings portatone turned on, the Voice and other settings automatically change when you change the Style.

Select a portatone number. This allows you to accurately match the tuning with that of other instruments.