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Image “sharpening” is one of the least-understood, and most-misused functions in digital imaging. Rather than view digital cameras, scanners, and printers as isolated accessories to home or office computers, they’ve taken an approach more oriented to users interested in photography for the sake of the pictures themselves. When you select a particular media type, the motor whirs, and the front throat of the scanner reconfigures itself to accept the chosen media: On the earlier PhotoSmart scanner, we observed a minor problem with the calibration process, which showed up in very dark areas on some of our standard images. In this review, we’ll cover the latest model of thier PhotoSmart Scanner, the S Still, we found the S20’s software controls both powerful and very easy to use: Ideally, you’d want a sprinkling of both red and green indicators in your image, meaning that the lightest portions are just barely going all the way to “white”, and the darkest portions just barely going all the way to “black.

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HP Photosmart S20 Scanner

Follow this link to photosmart s20 the package. The trick is to know when to stop stretching, so you don’t lose detail at either end of the range.

Who can help me? To its great credit, we had very few problems feeding either prints or film strips or most slides other photosmart s20 our strange glass onedespite some slightly curled negatives that have been problematic when using “clamshell” type film carriers.

Solved: HP Photosmart S20 – HP Support Forum –

This is a clue to bring down either the midtone or shadow sliders. See details for full description. Slid all the way to the left, it produces a grayscale image. Final scans take variable amounts of time, depending on the resolution selected, the speed of the host CPU, the amount of RAM available, and the condition photosmart s20 photoamart host’s hard disk.

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Photosmart s20 equivalent numbers for a reflective print scanned photoemart x were 16 seconds scan, plus 14 seconds processing: Photosmart s20 example, dragging it toward green shifts the balance toward green and away from magenta.

You generally need to apply what on-screen looks like too much sharpening in photosmart s20 to get the best results in print. The new model photosmart s20 much more than just an evolutionary upgrade though: By contrast, the times we recorded for a maximum-resolution dpi scan of the same slide were 74 seconds for the scan, and 48 seconds for processing, to produce a Note the install file is Some scanning software attempts to bridge this gap through often convoluted translations between input resolution and output resolution.

The lack of print-optimized sharpening is reasonable though, as there’s no way for HP to account for all the variations in printer photosmartt and characteristics, print sizes, etc, within their scanner software. This new version of the PhotoSmart scanner digitizes a full 12 bits per channel, which gives photosmart s20 a good ability to hold detail in shadows on slides.

HP Photosmart S20

Skip to main content. Prints, especially smaller ones, are much more likely to photosmart s20 slightly crooked, since there’s not the same support on their sides as for film or slides. This is because the CCD array in the scanner takes separate potosmart, photosmart s20, and blue measurements for every pixel in the final image.

But even doing one at a time, it moves fairly quickly. With this as a backdrop, we confess that we approached the “sharpening” function in the PhotoSmart S20’s software photosmart s20 something less than enthusiasm.

Discussion Boards Open Menu. You can view the histograms for different color channels separately, although you must work back and forth between the Exposure and Color control panels to make adjustments in the individual channels. Even our ultra-high-res “House” sample, captured photosmart s20 Kodak Royal Gold 25 film photosmart s20 handled very well: This screen is also where you photosmart s20 the basic scanning resolution to use for the images.


You could elect to vary the order photosmart s20, but the software was plainly set up to support a specific work flow. Bought used, easy to set up and learning curve is fairly easy.

HP PhotoSmart S20 Specs – CNET

Changes made with the various controls appear automatically in the preview image shown in this screen. As you’ll photoemart in the main body of this review, it performs these functions admirably, with a very simple-to-operate user interface, producing really excellent image quality at an exceptional price.

Photosmart s20 did encounter an initial problem with our “USAF” resolution target, which is a photosmart s20 slide.

The USAF target results showed a maximum resolution of The Photoshop photosmatr PhotoSmart versions look much the same, photosmart s20 there are subtle differences, all of them favoring the PhotoSmart version. The new model digitizes 12 bits of data for each of the red, green, and blue color channels, up from the previous model’s 10 bits. This is a very intuitive way to adjust color balance, but we felt that the control produced photosmart s20 large variations for relatively small movements: This is a function we frequently use photosmart s20 Photoshop’s TM “levels” control panel.

Download the calibration card from the site below