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Specifications for Pentax Optio digital Camera. Detail is good in the shadow area of the charcoal briquettes, with moderate noise. Typical street lighting on a city street is equivalent to about one foot-candle, so the Optio should work well for city night scenes, but will need its flash for anything darker. The Manual setting produced a reddish cast, but I chose it as the main image because the skin tones looked the most natural here. In Playback mode, this button lets you write-protect the current image or all images on the memory card. A 3D viewer comes with the Optio , and works whether viewing 3D images in the Parallel or Cross formats. Given the Optio ‘s point-and-shoot design and compact size though, I doubt this will be an issue for many users.

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The dominant control on the camera’s top panel, this ribbed dial controls pentax optio 230 camera’s operating mode. While novices will enjoy the fully automatic operation, more experienced users will appreciate the extended exposure capabilities.

Given my experience above though, I suspect it might have come out too optko. Personally, I it rather confusing to have all the still-capture options included here.

Digital Cameras – Pentax Optio Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Following are links to an ISO series and to the full 20 series. Picky Details Information on shooting speed, battery life, etc. The shadow areas show good detail, with only moderate noise. A very slight lip serves as a small finger grip down the right side as viewed from the back. A single CRV3 battery pack comes with the camera, but I strongly pentax optio 230 picking up a good charger and a couple of sets of high-capacity NiMH rechargeable AA cells Always keep an extra set of batteries fully charged and on hand, pentax optio 230 a hedge against the infallible rule that the best shot always comes along just after your batteries have run out.

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The extreme tonal range of this image makes it a tough shot for many digicams, pentax optio 230 is precisely why I set it up this way.

All three white balance settings produced slight color casts on this pentax optio 230. The rendering of detail in the poster will be very different than in this shot, and color values and even the presence or absence of leaves on the trees!

The display is attached to the camera via a hinge, which allows the pentax optio 230 to rotate from left to right and designed to allow you to take a self portrait. Overall brightness pentax optio 230 about the same all the way out to 14 feet, with only a slight decrease in intensity.

The blue flowers appear purple from the warm cast, a common problem with this shot. Color and exposure both look good, though the Auto white balance results in a warm cast.

It’s obvious that you can’t record movies with a resolution of x pixels, and that the TIFF option doesn’t apply to movie mode, but both options are present on this mode’s menu screens. Canon EOS 80D What does this price mean?

On the opposite side of the camera are two connector compartments, both covered by soft, rubbery flaps that bend pentax optio 230 of the way opgio reveal the connectors. Additionally, the LCD monitor reports the date, time, number of available images, special camera modes, and battery power. NOTE that this image pentax optio 230 be directly compared to the other “house” shot, which is a poster, shot in the studio. Adjacent to the Mode dial on the left, this button turns the camera on or off.


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A protective shutter protects the lens when not in use, automatically opening whenever the camera is powered pentax optio 230 with the Mode dial is set to a capture position. The Record menu is identical to that of the Full Selectable mode, though the Applied Function menu isn’t present.

With the lens stowed, the lens barrel only protrudes a quarter-inch or so.

Pentax Optio 230

A unique 3D image pentax optio 230 mode is fun and creative, and the ability to adjust color, saturation, sharpness, and contrast give you a lot of creative control.

The Optio includes the following: Operation of the Optio is easy and stress-free. Movie – x pixels. Pentax optio 230 begun oentax links in our reviews to a Thumber-generated index page for our test shots. Though it doesn’t offer a diopter adjustment, the eyepiece has a reasonably high eyepoint.

A creative 3D-image mode provides stereoscopic photography with included Stereo Viewer. The corner softness I saw in some of the studio shots isn’t apparent pptio this test.