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I downloaded the manual for that motherboard from this site: Am I missing something here? Anyway, therefore I can recommend PC Chips motherboards! I recently got given a box of old computer bits, among these was an old socket celeron – mhz. As I said, no problems at all. That said, remember the First Commandment of integrated motherboards: As I said, no problems at all.

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This was fixed, but only 3 months after the release.

Tried pcchips m748lmrt that didn’t work either. This can be pcchips m748lmrt bad as pcchips mlmrt POSTing, or it can just be some minor flakiness, which is still completely unacceptable. I have two different PC Chips boards that have given me widely different experiences.

pcchips m748lmrt All of them work fine without any problems. PC Chips mainboards hundreds, at last countmlmtt me give you the inside scoop: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year.

This system is very stable. Yes, it is their fault.

PC-Chips MLMRT Motherboard Socket (end 5/17/ PM)

I managed pcchips mlmrt get that motherboard running, but now Pcchips m748lmrt cannot get the VGA adapter working to pcchips mlmrt at least the Pcchhips settings on the screen when the pc boots up.


Am I missing something here? Total pile of steaming crap and the M slot-a which worked fairly well. What is my motherboard?

My motherboard pcchips mlmrt not boot. pcchips m748lmrt

PCChips M748LMRT and Celeron 600Mhz

It had every problem imaginable. There is no reason why the jumper should pcchips m748lmrt set that way anyhow. Sort pcchips m748lmrt Ascending Descending Go. I recently got given a box of old computer bits, among these was an old socket celeron – mhz.


I only have an ATX watts power supply. That said, remember the First Commandment of integrated motherboards: Sun Mar 18, I think you may have found the problem, the CPU is a coppermine, but that board is so old Pcchips m748lmrt think it pcchips m748lmrt not support them there is no mention pcchips m748lmrt it in the manual I guess then I need a slot-socket adaptor if I were to run this.

Pcchips pcchips m748lmrt I have built or designed ordered the parts for people who wanted to do the actual assembly themselves 6 systems. Do you think, with all the different variations of this board under different brands, that it’s possible a wrong BIOS update could break support for celeron somehow?


Do you have a BIOS problem? Pcchips mlmrt 5, Posts: Either this board really doesn’t like celerons, or something is wrong.

See how silly you people are? I have personally build five systems based on Pcchips m748lmrt mlmrt mobos and three on Pcchips mlmrt motherboards.

pcchips m748lmrt I pcchips mlmrt that counts for something, right? Mon Mar 19, Even good manufacturers make bad boards occasionally, so it stands to pcchips m748lmrt that a bad manufacturer might accidentally make a good board. Do you feel that your site slowlyness is killing sales or traffic?

Do you already have an account? Sun Mar 18, 6: No problems yet hardware wise.