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Similar setup – P2P consistently unreliable. Did not add an external channel change script. Unsuccessful getting the second firewire port to work. Some may consider the udev technique ‘hackish’, but it shouldn’t matter on a dedicated mythtv box. On Fri, Jul 30, at 1:

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Because it is easier we will start with the panel device. They gave me a Moto DCH instead.

Link, or the generic IEEE is a personal computer and firewie video serial bus interface standard offering high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data services. Look in the following locations for ifrewire which blacklist juju modules:.

Having repeated the process and struggling with the specifics again, Pace rng110 firewire figured it was time to document the process to save some trouble next time. However the 5C flag pace rng110 firewire been on in the past and maybe in the future.

It seems that they introduced a firmware update I don’t remember the version number that broke it for me.

Using Firewire port on RNG – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

pace rng110 firewire I filed a complaint with the FCC, citing http: Be aware that the above has been diluted by Congress granting numerous “waivers” to companies that argue, for example, that the FCC regulations are unfair for competition in their area. One firedire, at least on the one I have: The FCC has passed a regulation that if you pace rng110 firewire in the United States, and you have a HD subscription and a HD cable box, they have to on your request replace or upgrade your cable box with working FireWire.


Tried SAHD friewire suggested above and it would stream but not tune channels. The biggest problem for me was actually the firewire pace rng110 firewire in the firewite. The following techniques are a long-term replacement for using chmod after every reboot and then restarting the back-end. DCT will occasionally “move” to node 1 instead of node 0 depending on poweron sequence.

Firewire Cable Box Compatibility

Many HD recordings are marked as damaged and need seektables rebuilt. Using ls determine group membership of the firewire device. In addition to using the channel changers above, commands can be sent to some Set-Top-Boxes STB to simulate remote control or front panel key presses.

This is also the same as what you pass to the -n argument for plugctl and -r for test-mpeg2. I didn’t see it get an address from my router or anything, so I just assumed that the port was disabled, and pace rng110 firewire to unplug it. MythTV’s Pace rng110 firewire tuner functionality changes channels internally.


LiveTV works well and pace rng110 firewire automatically powered on and changes to desired channel for a recording. Retrieved from ” http: For Fedora 13 users pace rng110 firewire later?

Had to add new model and vendor IDs to ch. Unable to get reliable channel changing or recording. The box accepts all Firewire commands, but does nothing with most of them, so you need an IR blaster for power and channel changing. Using Point-to-Point everything works perfectly.

Capture of these channels die with the PAT too large error. In the example below, 2 of the 5 tests failed.

One more Very nice write-up. Seems that test-mpeg2 always works but sometimes data doesn’t start flowing until after myth’s timeout, resulting in missed recordings and flakey livetv.

My port started working. Subscribed movie channels with Pacific offset capture as expected.

Gaining information to use with plugctl is done by using plugreport. To clear this message, click the red X in the upper left corner. Best solution I’ve found is pace rng110 firewire power cycle the DCH at least every 24 hours.