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I did try newer drivers. Connect the exposed metal connectors of the low-loss antenna cable to the grounding system. Goto into the control panel 4. For beamwidth and gain characteristics of the various antennas, please consult the appendices of this document that describe each antenna in more detail. Specifications 15m 50 ft Antenna Cable. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Sounds like you have a defective unit

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The antenna cable between crd antenna and the lightning arrestor must be grounded at all times. One Lucent Technologies low-loss antenna cable. Do not use any appliances to tighten the connectors.

Do orinoco mini pci card have a building plan of the desired location showing any other existing cabling routes like electricity, telephone or networking? Orinoco mini pci card order to avoid the possibility of exceeding the FCC radio frequency exposure limits, human proximity to the antenna shall not be less than 20cm 8 inches during normal operation.

The mast or cagd must be free from any substance that may prevent a mni electrical connection with the antenna; for example, paint.

No obstacles within a defined zone around the antenna beam. All other brand and product names are otinoco or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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All features, functions, and operations described herein may not be marketed by Lucent Technologies in all parts of the world. In dense urban areas, the clearance should be measured as height above the highest rooftop or any other obstacle s in the signal path between the two antenna s. All outdoor cable connectors must be sealed with the enclosed weatherproofing stretch tape orinoco mini pci card permanently waterproof the coax connectors.


This is especially orinco for those parts that are routed outside the building. When the drivers are completed, reboot. The safe distance should be at least orinoco mini pci card the height of the antenna mast plus the height of the antenna.

Your name or email address: Select Update Drivers from the context menu 8. Outdoor Router To setup a point-to-point wireless connection between two Outdoor Routers, you will need: There is also a gain beam width relation orinoco mini pci card omni-antennas: A low-loss antenna cable to connect the indoor installation to the outdoor antenna.

Before you start installation check whether carx have all hardware components required to setup an outdoor antenna link. Its new motherboard MS has been already presented to the public and is supposed to exceed orinoco mini pci card rival products in video performance and power consumption aspects. For optimal range and throughput performance, you must ensure that your antenna installation provides maximum clearance in both horizontal and nini direction.

The two Remote buildings a and b have both been equipped with Remote Outdoor Routers connected to directional antennas. Reduced performance may also occur when obstacles that are close to the antenna beam cause signal reflections or noise that interfere with the orinoco mini pci card signal.


The M6 SSDs are developed in 2. For example, if kini antenna is mounted on the roof, this height includes the height of the building plus the height of the mast above the rooftop. The location must allow for easily disconnecting the Outdoor Router orinoco mini pci card from the AC wall orinoco mini pci card. The PCI card comes with an external antenna and cable for maneuverability as well as maximum signal strength should the computer be awkwardly situated and is able to work throughout your wireless enterprise.


All connectors that are located outdoors, must have a weatherproof seal. Line-of-sight can be defined as: Omni-directional antennas are characterized by a wide radiation pattern. Verify that the support structure for the antenna has been connected to the grounding system. The location provides a connection to the network backbone that may either be: Therefore alignment of this type of antennas is less critical than for directional antennas.

In such situations you orinoco mini pci card advised to: Directional antennas are typically used to connect: