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Maximum printable area is 2, x 3, dots 7. In the Card printing mode, you can print two or four postcards per page on an Olympus special-purpose card stock. You select the Paper orientation to be either vertical or horizontal. Mar 17, Location: Operation The first step in the Camedia P printing process is to select how image source files are delivered to the printer’s memory.

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Both of these extreme close-ups were shot with multiple close-up lenses attached to an Olympus E 4 megapixel SLR plympus also had in-house for testing about the same time.

FM Reviews – Olympus P

You can set the tiles to have the same color density throughout the background, or have the density change gradually from dark to light.

Not only is the cost of the printer itself far lower than normal, but its media costs are quite low as olympus p-400. Begin by installing the printer driver software on your computer. Additional stamps are downloaded by going to the Setup menu and olympus p-400 to the Download option.

This is probably not a common workflow though: Note the very large scale of these macro shots though: The dye sublimation olympus p-400 is popular in the portable printer world, but quite a few desktop dye-subs are still out there, because of the technology’s excellent image quality. A readout of the error is olympus p-400 on the LCD panel. It must be noted though, that standalone card-based printing olympus p-400 much slower than printing from a olymups.

l-400 Click Download for those files you wish to install on olympus p-400 P Color gradations are 24 bits 8 bits per color, levels to produce approximately The P prints only at dpi.


The Gamma and Brightness adjustments allow you olympus p-400 set the Red, Blue, and Green density and brightness levels individually. Continuous tone – No pixels.

Olympus P-400

The large ink cassette has two horizontal bars, one on top olympus p-400 the one on the bottom, with a flat media transfer area in between. Focus point on ;-400 D spazzing out, help!

The printer’s internal stamp options include bars of music, a birthday cake, fireworks, palm trees, and more — all accessible by scrolling through the Stamp options with the left and right arrow buttons. Inkjet printers squirt ink on the surface of the paper, dye sub printers use heat to transfer dyes from a ribbon into olympus p-400 emulsion of the paper. The Layout feature offers a number of different layout options based olykpus your paper orientation, the number of images you want on a page, and olympus p-400 size paper you’ve chosen there are 12 layouts for A4 paper and 10 for the A5 paper size.

On the other hand, the good news is twofold: Olympus p-400, the P seems fairly accurate, with good, accurate color, albeit not the extreme gamut of some high-end inkjet printers. Relatively small print size.

Like the Standard menu, the Card olympus p-400 offers Print Date and Filter options, plus it offers a Stamp olympus p-400 that allows you to put whimsical icons anywhere on the print. Colors are vibrant and crisp. Overall, we felt that the P had a surprisingly broad gamut, particularly relative to inkjets.


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Get Our Olympus p-400 Stories! Aug 3, Location: Five-print-capacity starter cartridge and paper kit supplied with printer; larger paper packs and ribbon cartridges sold separately. A starter kit supplied with the printer includes olympus p-400 sheets of A4 paper and enough dye to make five prints. Our time for printing typical digicam images was about two and a half minutes, whether from card or computer.

As with the other printing modes, the olympus p-400 images are displayed in the preview screen with a set of numbers to tell you which selection you are viewing loympus the total number of images.

It would have been nice if Olympus included some of the creative options in a separate image manipulation software package, so users could achieve the same level of olgmpus when working from the computer as they can when working off olympus p-400 memory card. Just below the Number selection, a Trimming option olympus p-400 you to crop the selected olympus p-400, if necessary.

Can’t do full 8. Card Mode The Card printing mode works with Olympus’ special printing card stock, which is perforated to create two or four olympus p-400 cards, depending on the paper stock you’re using. Once you select a stamp you like, you can set the print size 50 to percentorientation, and position on the image.