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Hardware texture mapping became a standard for accelerated games and while Number Nine remained on the top of 2d performers, serious entry into 3d graphics had to wait for next chip. Number Nine had a close business relationship with S3 Graphics throughout the s. The original Imagine was introduced in It promised high-end 3D gaming capabilities supporting higher resolutions and frame rates than most existing 3D gaming cards. Number Nine was one of the premier, higher-end graphics card companies into the early s. After trying three different drivers I am confident enough to say Number Nine failed to deliver d3d driver with Z-buffering. Nowadays many things, but back in post-VGA age it was simply about how many pixels can be drawn per clock.

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Number Nine’s last two graphics cards were the only ones to require heatsinks on the GPU.

The Number nine agp series went through four generations:. Despite not gaining any speed this high end board will often draw awful colors unless the game lets you set texture format. The strategy of balancing high end with consumer market needs turned into schizophreny for some other companies as well.

Number Nine Imagine Series II Revolution 3D review

More important to me is a 3d number nine agp debuting with the Series II. What do graphics bits actually mean? Retrieved 30 November S3 acquired all assets and intellectual property. It promised high-end 3D gaming capabilities supporting higher resolutions and frame rates than most existing 3D gaming cards. If it wasn’t number nine agp some money influx from the likes of SGI, who knows if we would see their last chip come to light.


With the little data I have, it looks faster than Millennium. Number Nine was in the spot light and not for the first time. This regular card has EDO chips on the right side serving the Cirrus at the back. The architecture of T2R is still based on the Imagine technology, but 3d engine had to go through many changes. I’ve Got A Feeling When it comes to games no revolution is happening, Ticket to Ride has some serious issues for But in 3d Number nine agp Nine was lacking behind just like with previous products and 2d advantage was less and less appealing.

Number Nine SR9 graphics card Specs – CNET

The SW monitor was far numbber of its time and was eagerly sought long after it was out of number nine agp. There are many examples of ugly or just broken blending in the gallery. Under the name WideBus technology was introduced Intelligent Resource Processor directing graphics data through several bit wide number nine agp into two separate, yet integrated and tightly coupled bit graphics engines- one for 2D, one combining 3D and video.

The S3-based cards were usually introduced number nine agp groups of numbee, at three price points below the Imagine cards.

Views Read Edit View history. And it wasn’t just a particular fat stage typically video engines had more “bits”but throughout the pipeline’s graphics and internal processor right into the local memory bus, Imagine was bits wide. SGI’s SW video number nine agp were proprietary on-board to nujber O2,and graphics workstations. There are no total losses as such, but low resolution tests are missing because anything below x is not supported.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Card model names were usually preceded by a ” 9″ moniker.

File:Number Nine SR9 SGRAM AGP 16 MB DVI S3 Savage4 Xtreme (86C398).jpg

Revolution 9 Outside of three dimensional rendering Revolution 3D was certainly high-end accelerator, but its performance was demanded only by niche market. Graphics card was named Revolution 3D, to show Number Nine’s high ambition number nine agp dedication for three dimensional rendering. On August 9,PixelFusion Ltd.

Revolution number nine agp had fast enough geometry and fill rates, but blending operations, when working, are often too costly. And since the company was not that successful even as a card manufacturer for S3, change of business became a must.

Sure, even back then graphics performance could not be reduced into dumb bit numbers, because even 2d graphics can be comprised of number nine agp trivial operations and smart techniques to get number nine agp simple width counts.

Nevertheless, this was a major accomplishment back in the day. Massive aagp count had to make it into the name for everyone to see. Defunct computer hardware companies Graphics hardware companies. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May